Android app update error 921


Google Play Store download error – 921

This thread is to provide the solution for Google play store download error – 921.
Today I got the error while downloading the apps from Google Play Store. The error message is
‘Error – Update for “xxxxx” could not be downloaded due to an error. (921)’

I’ve searched the forum and found some useful information. Because the thread was belonging to different phone, I wanted to post the information with some more details.

If you see the same error, then follow the steps -
1. Menu > Settings > Personal > Accounts and sync > click on your google account (email)
2. click ‘Remove account’. Don’t worry, it’s not deleting your physical account. Account related information is still saved in Google.
3. Launch Google Play Store again
4. When asked, use existing account to create the google account.
5. Provide your existing google account information (email & password)
6. try again to download

Based on my experience, whenever I got the 921 error, cleaning cache and data for google play store app does not work.

Another work around is creating a second google account. But I believe many people do not want to maintain multiple account on one phone.

(attached) screenshot of error 921.

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