Android application development programming with the google sdk


This practical book offers the concepts and code you have to develop software with Android, outdoors-source platform for mobile phones and mobile products that’s producing enthusiasm over the industry. In line with the Linux operating-system and produced by Google and also the Open Phone Alliance, Android can unite a fragmented mobile market. Android Application Development introduces this programming atmosphere, while offering a complete working example that demonstrates Android architectural features and APIs. With this particular book, you’ll:

Obtain a complete summary of the Android programming atmosphere, architecture, and tools
Develop a modular application, starting with a core module that serves to produce modules put in subsequent sections
Discover the concepts and architecture of the specific set of features, including sights, maps, location-based services, persistent data storage, 2D and three dimensional graphics, media services, telephony services, and texting
Use ready-to-run example code that implements each feature
Explore advanced subjects, for example security, custom sights, performance analysis, and internationalization

It is really a natural complement towards the existing Android documentation supplied by Google. Whether you need to create a commercial application for mobile products, or would like to produce a mobile mashup for private use, Android Application Development demonstrates the best way to design, build, and test programs for that new mobile market.

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About the writer (2009)

Ron Rogers is a professional embedded software engineer and software marketing manager for more than 3 decades. He’s centered on mobile application software within the last 8 years, developing mobile software and proper mobile engineering and marketing plans for businesses for example Compaq, Apple, and Marvell Semiconductor.

John Lombardo has worked with Linux since version .9. His first book, Embedded Linux, was released in 2001. Since that time he’s done several embedded items, including phones and hubs. John holds a Baloney in Information Technology and it is focusing on his Master of business administration.

Zigurd Mednieks is Chief Interface Architect at D2 Technologies, a number one provider of IP communications technology, and it is an advisor and consultant to companies within the area of embedded user connects. He’s held senior management positions at companies making mobile games, communications equipment, and computer telephony programs, and it has written and led to books on programming and communications technology.

Blake Meike has a lot more than 10 experience with Java. He’s developed programs using the majority of the GUI toolkits and some of the Java mobile phone platforms. He likes Android a great deal.

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