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Removing Android applications

Applications you download from Google Play can be simply uninstalled out of your phone or tablet, and when the application was bought, you could re-install later on.
Removing an application you downloaded

If you have installed an application in your phone or tablet using Google Play that you simply no more want, you are able to un-install it by using these steps:

Navigate to Menu > Configurations > Applications > Manage applications (on products running Android 4. Frozen Treats Sandwich, Configurations > Applications).
Scroll with the listing of applications to obtain the one you want to un-install.
Tap around the application you want to un-install.
Tap &ldquoUninstall.&rdquo

Note: if you do not begin to see the &ldquoUninstall&rdquo button, or you only begin to see the choice to &ldquoUninstall updates,&rdquo then your application under consideration can’t be taken off your device. The application is probably a method application that can’t be uninstalled.
Removing an application that you didn’t download

Applications which come pre-placed on your phone or tablet are classified as system applications. System applications can’t be uninstalled since they’re area of the form of the Android operating-system running in your device.

Of all products, system applications include native Google applications for example Google Talk and Google Maps. For questions regarding other system applications you will probably have placed on your device, please speak to your mobile company.
Re-installing applications

You are able revisit the My Applications portion of the Google Play Store application in your phone or tablet anytime to re-install a bought application that you have formerly removed. To gain access to My Applications:

Launch the Google Play Store application (labeled &ldquoPlay Store&rdquo)
Tap Menu > My Applications

Permanently getting rid of uninstalled applications

At this time around, there’s not a way to permanently remove or remove applications in the Google Play website (My Orders/My Android Applications) or in the Google Play Store application (My Applications) that you have formerly downloaded but have since uninstalled.
Removing applications while using Google Play website

To un-install applications from, simply go to the My Android Applications section. Click your preferred device, then click on the rubbish bin icon (left from the INSTALLED button) near the application you want to un-install. Click Un-install to verify.

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