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Back in the days when iPhone and Android apps did not exist, people entertained themselves with thigs like reading, drawing, dancing, and, you guessed it, playing board games. But despite the arrival of the digital age, board games have not been forgotten. Quite the contrary – new ones are being made all the time, and they are just as fun and engaging as their old-school counterparts.Today, we present you with 10 board games made for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Feel free to check them out, and if you know any board games that we should have included in our list, let us know by dropping a comment.Damn, Life and Civ are a steal for iOS users. One game I would add to this list is Risk on iOS for $2.99 and Drisk by Brian DeWolff on Android for $1.99. The one for iOS has some cool visuals and the one for Android comes with tons of new map variants. Two amazing mobile versions of the classic board game. Nice job Nick T, interesting list of mobile board games.This article is about iOS games. The only time that Android is even mentioned is when there is an android version of the iOS game. It almost makes you think there are no android only board games which is extremely untrue.

The husband and I recently leapt into modern day by purchasing phones that actually connect to the Internet, text message, and whatnot. By the way, I’d like to give a shout-out to AT&T for holding us in a contract under which we actually paid more per month for our camera phones with constant dropped calls then we do now for contract-free droid phones and unlimited data through T-Mobile. Suck it, AT&T. Anyway, I have naturally gone app crazy and have been busy ninja-slicing digital fruit, rocketing birds at militarized pigs, and similar things. But what I have been desperately missing is some serious gameplay on these phones. Particularly with an upcoming vacation that is going to mean long wait-times at airports, I’d really love to play some real board gaming on my new awesome blinged-out droid. Maybe a little Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, or some Alhambra?It turns out that since I have an android phone, most board game makers would like to piss on me and my decidedly non-hipster technology. After much research, I have found that various acclaimed board game makers have only made apps in iOS format (read: for iPhone posers). Granted, there is a version of “Settlers” and Carcassonne, both of which appear to be not-necessarily officially licensed from the game makers. Both also share a common thread of having generally terrible reviews about their simplicity and general bugginess. And they cost $4.99 each. Ouch. I might just pay it though and risk them not loading right on my Samsung Admire because I want my board game crack that badly. It might be bad crack–overpriced and shady, but at least it’s crack.So then I wondered, are the game makers all just really behind the times? The answer is no. They’re not. Not exactly, anyway. A couple major names in the board gaming world have developed sophisticated and popular apps for iOS format, including Days of Wonder (Small World) and Ravensburger (Puerto Rico), but have completely ignored the android market. Why? After all, according to one source, in the last quarter of 2011, android sales accounted for 47% of the market share, where as iOS-formatted devices only accounted for 43%. And while I understand that Apple contracts, user demands, and general tech snobbery may have caused board game makers to develop iOS apps first, the perplexing trend is that once the iOS apps were developed, game makers seemed to have swished their hands together, chafing off the dust of a job well done, and settled back into their nerdy game chairs, feet propped up on the boxes of all of the different versions of iPhones they’ve bought in the last three years. Screw you, android users–you’re not trendy enough to waste our time on. Consider Days of Wonder in particular. This is a game maker (Ticket to Ride, Small World, Memoir ’44, Shadows Over Camelot) that has developed its brand with the specific goal of integrating board games and technology. Of all the game publishers, I would have bet good coin that this publisher wanted to attract as wide of a technological audience as possible. But as of this posting time, there is no word that android apps are even in development. Their Ticket to Ride Pocket iOS app, however, is a widely praised award-winning success. It’s a shame that so much of their fan base will never see it and never enjoy it.

Ravensburger (Puerto Rico, San Juan, Glen More, Tikal) is guilty of the same charges–ignoring android users while faithfully developing iOS games. But at least their website has a hopeful message posted as of this post date that reads:

With BOARD GAMES you can enjoy all-time games (Backgammon, Parchis, Snakes and Ladders,…) within your android, with an accurate design and playability.
There are many of options:
-Different AI levels (none tricks)
-Different variants
-Three different ways to select pieces
-Board zoom and auto zoom
-Different playing speeds for pieces and dice
-Landscape mode
Current boards available:
-Parchis for 3
-Snakes and Ladders
-Goose’s Game
More games coming soon!!!
Permissions are used for add platforms, application doesn’t use any personal information. If you prefer to doesn’t have ads we have a pro version without ads and with some more surprises.
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