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Another wealthy data backup/restore solution for Android hits the Google Play Store this time around, thanks to a tight schedule Dev Team – they behind the progressively popular GO Launcher EX, GO SMS Professional and lots of other Android applications. GO Backup vows being your brand-new default Android data backup/ restore solution. While using application, you may create multiple local backup cases of all of your contacts, texts, applications and application data. It gets better the application supports ‘silent installation’ to revive your applications without anyone’s knowledge (that’s, without needing you to definitely by hand feel the installation procedure for every individual` application). The choice to log to the application utilizing a GO account enables you to definitely create multiple profiles, each using its own group of backup content, so that as it appears, will quickly allow cloud backup copies too, similar to MIUI’s native backup application or Apple’s iCloud does. Unlike other backup and restore applications around the Play Store, GO Backup’s interface is, as can be expected, very nicely designed.As pointed out earlier, the application requires you to definitely sign in having a valid GO account. At this time, it’s just a layer of security in addition to a way to create different backup profiles on a single device, but because the app’s welcome screen indicates, cloud backup may be combined by using it soon. That’s, future updates from the application will help you to upload your backup copies for your GO account, and restore them on every other Android device.Once drenched in, all that you should do is tap the Backup button at the end, and choose whatever content you want to incorporate for the reason that particular backup package. Help make your choice, striking the beginning Backup button. Time needed to accomplish the backup process is dependent upon the quantity of incorporated content.Rebuilding submissions are simple too. All of the backup copies produced via GO Backup are on the app’s homescreen. Just choose the needed backup file, and so the content there that you want to revive. For instance, you might choose to restore just contacts from inside a whole backup package.

Tapping the button within the top-right corner from the screen goes towards the app’s configurations screen from where one can batch-remove all backup files, and toggle the Contacts Backup Setting (backup contacts only), Bakcup/Restore Application Data, and/or Hide application installation interface (quiet installation) choices onOroffPlease observe that the choices to backup/restore application data and conceal the application installation interface upon rebuilding applications (quiet installation) are presently not supported on products running Android 3. or greater, meaning Honeycomb and Frozen Treats Sandwich customers may need to get by having a rather limited form of the application by this writing.

Update: The designers have just launched GO Backup Professional for Android, that can bring inside a slightly transformed UI. More to the point the application now supports quiet installing of applications while backing them up or rebuilding them on Android 3. and greater, something which didn’t have in the last versions. We examined it with an SGS2 running Jelly Bean also it labored perfectly. The premium (compensated) form of this application provides you with the choice to backup your computer data to cloud and restore it too. In most this excitement, we recognized the choice to register together with your GO account continues to be removed (we can not comment whether it’s a brief factor) thus multiple profiles aren’t supported at this time.On any cell phone, you have to backup your computer data which too, regularly. Well, your preferred android phone isn’t any exception for this ultra-true rule. So, today, we’ve got 6 Top Free No-Root-Needed backup programs for you personally, the following. Without wasting enough time allows go directly into programs.

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