Android apps food journal 2012


Probably a pipe-dream, as I don’t think one exists with everything I want… But I am looking for a food journal with the following characteristics:

Must have:
Meal diary
database of foods(and/or online lookup from USDA or other source, with the values for the meal stored locally)
barcode scanner for store-bought foods
Daily/weekly/monthly totals for Fat, carbs, protein.

Nice to have:
Possibility of tracking other nutrient values or going more granular
Weight tracking per day
Weight differential from the previous day

Must NOT:
Bug me constantly about my calories
Give me unwanted nutritional advice (i.e. Lighting my fat intake up in red and giving me stupid warnings)
I use the Livestrong site – MyPlate is an app you can use to log food, exercise and even water intake. You can chat with friends, set goals, and they send lots of tips and ideas. I use the free version and it has a smart phone app as well. I like that you can make your own running or walking routes and it will calculate not only the miles, but calories burned due to hills, etc. I just started using MyFitnessPal as well and I really like it!! I love that it lets me know where I am for protein, carbs and fat grams too! I use myfitnesspal. I love it. It even tracks your protein, carbs, salts, fats, etc. It is easy to use and has a bar code scanner if you can’t find your food item in the list.

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