Android apps for biking and cycling


With Android’s apps for cycling and biking, you’ll have full control both of your cycling or biking destinations and scheduling of these activities. Everything you’ll need for a convenient and fun way to enjoy a ride is provided. You don’t need to experience the inconvenience of having to bring a map to help you navigate your path. All you need is one of the apps below, and you’re ready to go.Just want to have fun while sitting down? No problem! Cycling and biking games can provide you with the same fun without your breaking a sweat.
Let’s check out some of the best Android apps for biking and cycling.

MapMYRIDE GPS Cycling Riding

Are you worried about not getting accurate updates and results from your cycling habits? Let MapMYRIDE GPS Cycling Riding help.
Using GPS, the app can track the routes and distances that you take every time you go out for cycling or bike riding. You can even track the speed and pace you take on the same activities. Adding to its benefits is the app’s ability to count the calories you’ve burned while cycling. As long as you have your Android device installed with the MapMYRIDE app, all you need for a wholesome cycling and biking experience will be available.
The app has a built-in training log which records duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned for each workout, so you always have the updates that you need. You will also have the choice to challenge friends, join groups, and stay connected to your online fitness community since the app makes your record available on the MapMyFITNESS site.
With MapMyRIDE GPS Cycling Riding, you’ll have a fun cycling experience with everyone else.

My Tracks
For an interactive and fun way of monitoring your cycling and biking activities, try the My Tracks app. You can share your online GPS tracks online via Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, and many more.Speed? Path? Distance? Elevation? The app records these accurately for whatever activity you engage in. Use of My Tracks is not limited to cyclists and bikers; it can also be used by folks who want their activity statistics carefully recorded. The app works efficiently, even when you’re running or when you’re simply taking a walk outside. Whatever outdoor activity you do, My Tracks will be a great help.
Since My Tracks shows live statistics of your activity progress through GPS, you’ll need one of the GPS-enabled Android phones before you can install and use it. Right after you fire it up, you might have to wait for a couple of minutes before you can run the application since it needs to obtain an initial GPS lock. Obtaining this might vary in speed, especially if the sky is partly cloudy.The app shows your elevation on a map and highlights the path that you’ve taken. So, if you’re now ready to take off and enjoy tracking your progress, the My Tracks app is what you’re looking for.

Strava Cycling
Are you competent enough to be the king or the queen of the mountains? Strava cycling will give you the answer.The app records all your ride progress and provides you with an overall analysis of your performance for every activity. It also allows you to find great places around the world where you might want take your next ride. If you want to get more features, you can always visit the app’s official website at and get an analysis of your heart rate, power, cadence, and more.You can challenge other app users and outscore them. You can also set personal records, beat your friends’ best times, and grab the honor of being crowned as the King or Queen of the Mountain. Moreover, you’ll also get the chance to interact with pros online, share and compare your rides, and comment on others’ posts.
To quote Road Bike action magazine, “Be forewarned: Strava can easily become an addiction.” The good thing is, the app is a healthy addiction. It brings out your inner confidence while improving your physical strength.So. for a powerful experience online with your cycling pals, install Strava Cycling now.

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer is the ideal app for measuring your speed during outdoor activities. It has an advanced speedometer application that uses the phone’s built-in GPS to show your average or maximum speed. It also tracks distances, time traveled, and the direction that you’re taking.Some of the app’s notable features include the Speed Graph that displays your speed data for the last several minutes in the form of graph, and the Speed Warning, which allows you to set the speed limits for a certain road type. If you follow the preferable speed, you’ll receive a visual or sound notification.

Since the app covers various outdoor activities, it also supports various distance units like meters, kilometers, miles and nautical miles. Since the app works with your Android device’s GPS, disruptions like atmospheric conditions, obstructions, and the visibility of satellites can affect the results that will be given to you.

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