Android apps for delivery drivers


An ideal application for delivery motorists of take-out food (like pizza) or something that requires monitoring duration of delivery, payment and mileage while on the run!

Motorists can rapidly enter order information, organize their route & navigate to addresses. After each delivery, motorists are motivated to go in payment info, getting real-time information for tips and mileage pay. Totals all data for finish of change. Includes flexible options: track mileage for compensation per run, per delivery, per odometer miles or even while a percent of total sales. Launches Gps navigation navigation & archives data ever.

Produced by Marc Kluver and Matt HenryAs a beverage company Logistics Manager, this application will help you to control instantly the status of customer Orders shipped by motorists, one unique solution. Having a professional after sales you’ll have the ability to control the outcomes, as well as create and assign new Orders to motorists within minutes.In addition, the employees will have the ability to provide current details about Order shipping utilizing their cell phones, without needing to spend extra cash on new products or costly software.

This application works together with any cell phone (while using camera like a barcode scanner for 2D or lineal bar code scanners), any PDA or any pc tablet. With this particular solution the beverage company worker may take blood pressure measurements of items, amounts and values using his/her cell phone camera, the PDA Scanner or even the keyboard.

This application could be integrated together with your after sales system (e.g. SAP DSD, Microsoft Dynamics etc.), or you can use it stand alone having a Microsoft Stand out Add-on (MS Stand out will be accustomed to assign and control process status) or using the Movilizer Web Portal application.The uFollowit&trade mobile application supplies a single click interface for motorists to supply evidence of delivery using the signature capture, with monitoring on the way, for get, in-transit statuses and delivery using the Gps navigation location of each and every event. They are instantly visibile around the uFollowit&trade monitoring engine are available for fast discussing and also to start invoicing and cashing faster in your services and shipped freight.Our mobile programs are simple to use and versatile enough to supply tangible value not only to devoted fleets but additionally independent owner operators.

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