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We just finished watching the recent Android press conference that ended a few minutes ago. There are some really exciting things coming to Android both for users and for developers.One thing we noticed is that you will now have the ability to browse and purchase apps from a web browser. Your purchases will automatically install on your phone! That is excellent!We also noticed that there is now an education category! We’re not sure when that happened (they didn’t have it a month or two ago as far as we know), but we’re excited that it has.Our apps have now been moved into the education category, and we are currently exploring the category to see what gems we can find. Stay tuned.Culled from listserv responses, here are some suggested Android OS based apps useful for teachers or students:
Spongelab is great for science. Middle School and High School
FriendCaster for Facebook use (can’t use it to play games though)
One App that librarians should pay attention to is Evernote. It’s a note taking service based in the clouds and the apps are just ways to put stuff in the cloud, and annotate pictures, etc. Evernote has Apps for Android and Ipad.
The Evernote service also has a Web Clipper extension for browsers that is a vital component. The App on the phone allows one to take a picture of an object or a page from a book and then sort and tag the entry. Many uses for us library types.

Asking around here, and have gotten one response, so far:
> A list primarily for teachers>
> Many of the apps created are either for elementary or for test prep so I made one that lets students actually do science

I use Evernote, Dropbox, news apps like CNN, QR Droid, and I have QuickOffice but haven’t tried it yet. I use Photobucket and there is an app for that. I imagine the other photo sites have apps as well. My favorite video player is Doubletwist. And I have my Kindle app.

CardDroid Math-flash cards for addition,subtraction,multiplication, & division (elementary grades) I would also use with older students who need help learniing math facts and ESL studentsGoogle Docs, Google Sky Map (awesome for astronomy), Audioboo, Dropbox/ reader – decibel by BSB Mobilesolutions. It’s free and helped me to “modify” some after school noise

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