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It’s that time of year where the children head back to school, which means it is also time for a back to school app roundup. We’ve brought together some great educational Android and iOS apps that work well for students aged 4 – 12. This list is by no means comprehensive, and we’d love to hear about the apps that your student loves to prepare them for the new school year.Great Back to School Apps

For Brushing Up on Reading Skills

LOL Libs (free):This MadLibs type Android app lets children insert words into 64 original stories, and includes text-to-speak.
International Children’s Digital Library (free): This iOS app gives your child access to over 4,000 books for free
For Improving Math Skills

Super 7 ($0.99): Like its name implies, this iOS math app is all about creating 7. We find it addicting ourselves and every child we have seen play this game has immediately loved it.
Math Monkeys ($2.99): We discovered this iOS app from a reader suggestion, John D says that, “Math Monkey is like an educational “Angry Birds” and helps him (his son) practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.”
Math Maniac (free Gold version available): This math game for Android involves combining numbers to equal the number in the left corner while being timed.
For Getting the Student Organized

Evernote (free): This app available on both platforms is very helpful in keeping important items, like assignments and notes home, all in one place.Organizers: For iOS, iStudiez Lite (free Pro version available) is a great option and it plays nicely with iCal which means good things when it comes to getting the Apple using family in sync. For Android, Assignment Planner (free Pro version available) is a great tool to keep your 5th grader organized.
Flashcards: Think of these apps like green flashcards, for iOS there is Flashcards Deluxe ($3.99) and for Android there is StudyDroid ($1.99).

Below is a list of the top Kindle Fire Educational apps that I use in my intermediate classroom for social studies. My students love the opportunity to use the devices! If you are interested in any of the apps for your android device, simply click on the picture and it will take you to where you can download them for either FREE or a small fee.

Each app is rated based on a 5 “flame” system.
1 flame = app was terrible, never want to use again
2 flames = app was OK, but didn’t find it worthwhile
3 flames = app was somewhat useful
4 flames = app was useful and fun
5 flames = app was amazing! Want to use it all the time!

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