Android apps for samsung galaxy note


Samsung invites software developers to create S Pen-integrated apps for Galaxy Note using the S Pen SDK. Winners will receive $205,000 in cash and prizes as well as promotional exposure and recognition in Samsung digital social media. Prizes will be awarded for the best overall apps and for category honorable mention awards in games, media, sports, social, lifestyle, travel, education, productivity, entertainment, and other.

Developers must use the Samsung S Pen SDK library to integrate S Pen functionality into a new or existing Android application that runs on Galaxy Note. Apps will be evaluated based on the overall user experience of the app on Galaxy Note, the quality of the idea, and the functional implementation, including S Pen integration. Developers retain ownership of their applications and may charge for them or provide them for free. When uploading apps to Google Play, developers are encouraged to include “Made for S Pen Galaxy Note” in the description of the app and to uncheck the box that says “All Devices.”

The challenge is open to individuals and teams of individuals who are residents of the 50 United States and it territories, as well as organizations domiciled in the 50 United States and its territories.Despite getting to as slow of a start as pretty much anyone else, Samsung seems to at least want to speed up its Jelly Bean updating process. The latest and greatest Android version is being rolled out to the international Galaxy S3 as we speak, but an additional 15 Sammy phones and tablets will be getting the same update at some point.

This is the first time we’re hearing something official on the exact number and models of Samsung gadgets to take the software leap to Android 4.1. And while no exact dates have been announced, we have reasons to be optimistic.

The list starts off with a few not very surprising names, a couple of which we are guessing will get Jelly Bean by the end of the year. In fact, several earlier reports pointed towards the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 to soon follow the GS3 in the upgrading process, although it now seems more likely for the S2 to get Jelly Bean sometime in November.

The Galaxy S2 LTE is another phone that should have Jelly Bean goodness in time for the holidays, while on the tablet front the Galaxy Note 10.1 will surely be the first to taste Android 4.1. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 are other high-end-ish slates ready for an upgrade, although, seeing as they’ve only just gotten Ice Cream Sandwich, they’ll most likely be left pining until 2013.(Un)surprisingly, the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not on the updating list, so it is now confirmed as stuck forever with Ice Cream Sandwich. The 10-incher got ICS at around the same time as the Tab 2 10.1 and Tab 7.0 Plus, but it is a one and a half year old gadget, so we should probably understand why Sammy is not keen on investing extra time and money in it.

Then again, there are several mid-range phones on Samsung’s update list, including a couple of aging ones, so the Tab 10.1′s missing support might not be taken in too kindly by some. But if that’s the case, you should not sweat it too much, as the unofficial JB-based ROMs have already started flowing.WOW.. Samsung made the GT 10.1 user wait all that time for ICS and JB is not a huge leep. I really think they should have thrown the 10.1 users a bone. Is there some place to let Samsung now as a 10.1 user that I am not happy with this decision. There is no reason 10.1 could not have JB on it and personally I think a responsible company would provide it. Not cool Samsung… Not cool.

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