Android Apps for Writers


The days are gone when authors accustomed to scribble their ideas on the rugged sheet of paper having a pen and ink quietly. Because of the miracles of technology, the pen has become changing the stylus, and also the paper? Well, applications for Computers, mobile phones, and pills are actually the very best and quickest methods to write lower ideas, notes and blogs. If you’re both a author as well as an Android user, take a look at the best Android apps we have ready for you.


Unquestionably, probably the most downloaded applications around the Android marketplace is Evernote. This application allows you record just about anything, from notes to pictures and from videos to even your personal voice. It enables you to definitely write important notes, pin photos, create to-do lists and hang voice memory joggers which means you will not misss anything. And also the best factor is the fact that you will save a subtle period of time by syncing all of your notes for your PC or tablet inside a snap. Evernote is free of charge for any limited quantity of storage. Obviously, you will need to purchase more room.


Another awesome Android application for writers is Springpad. This award-winning application enables you to definitely take notes, record a voice-indication, create to-do lists, and check for items, movies and places via its very user-friendly interface. Also, you should use the integrated web clipper in order to save stuff from the web and check the particulars associated with a product with the barcode scanner provided inside the application. It’s innovative and sublime, a thing that would bring your writing one stage further. The good thing is it’s free.


Simple got simpler. SE Notepad is a straightforward, lightweight and fast application that allows you to definitely create and edit notes quickly. To see the sheer pleasure of writing with an Android device, do this ingenious application! It comes down pre-packed with numerous styles and you may even tweak the font style and font size, pin an email towards the desltop, backup and reinstate your files, sync your computer data as well as password-safeguard it. Notepad can also be free.


Considered among the most popular taking notes applications within the Android Market today, FreeNote is really a notetaking application that includes a unique solution by mixing manual handwriting and keyword typewriting. Customers love the application because of its flexible features. You may also draw illustrations by using this application. Capabilities include voice, photo and video support, calendar, alarm along with a to-do list. This application works perfect with stylus pens.

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