Android Apps-Kmart offering $40 Android tablet on Black Friday 2012


Black Friday 2012 is nearly here, also it seems that Kmart is once more tempting customers with very inexpensive Android items. One of the choices is really a 7-inch ICS tablet for any mere $40, along with a 4.3-inch ICS based personal media player for $49. You need to observe that they are budget products from relatively unknown producers, but it is difficult to ignore an Android 4. tablet for $40. I adore it really includes a 1.2GHz processor?

If you are searching for a Universe Tab or Asus Transformer, I am afraid you will need to shop elsewhere, because these Black Friday pills aren’t exactly big names. Look into the full listing of Android based products available:

Samsung Universe Uncover on Net10 (No Contract Needed): $89.99
4Sight 9-inch tablet 1.1GHz (Android 4.): $89.99
X-treme Tab 7-inch tablet 1.2GHz (Android 4.) : $39.99
Mach Speed Trio 4.3-inch PMP (Android 4.): $49.99
Maylong 7-inch Android 4. tablet with keyboard situation: $99.99

These budget devices from Chinese manufactures don’t exactly possess the best history. However, if you would like an Android device on Black Friday and wish to avoid wasting you cash, Kmart has you covered. Make certain you appear early, as each store have a the least 6 available.

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