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Android-apps-mobile-tracker-featured.jpg, my trusted Bodyguard in my Phone, award winning my mobile tracker app, put a virtual bodyguard in my phone, constantly watch over me, and ensure my safety. Should I in any danger Situation, will automatically call for help, without my intervention! Check out our two minutes intro video at
Our app has received on series of international awards, including:

Are you getting calls from unknown Indian Mobile number?
Please Note:This app can detect mobile numbers from Indian mobiles by using codes.
Are you getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to find from where that person is calling? Now you can use Mobile Number Tracker to find from which state/telecom operator a mobile number belongs to. It shows caller info during incoming call. You can also view the details of mobile number in the call log.
The MNP ported numbers are not traceable by the app.

Excelent tool for recognizing any unknown number.Extremely useful when in .Excelent tool for recognizing any unknown number.Extremely useful when in roaming.database could be more updated though-Souvik.LG Optimus one

Crime is increasing nowadays and how we ensure our safety? Want to report your safety and location to your friends or loved one automatically. How we ensure our kids safety or loved one safety? The solution is U Safe Tracker.Basic and free features of U Safe Tracker let an owner of a smartphone:
1. SMS/ email his/her location at specified time daily or at repeated interval.
2. Let others request his/her location by just sending SMS.

Thus, your loved one or friends can immediately know when you are in trouble.

How this features useful for every smartphone owner:
Case 1:
1. Set the app to send location every 30 minutes or at 9:00pm only.
2. So, if no location received every 30 minutes or at 9:00pm, the phone’s owner may in danger.
3. Or, the location received should not be the current position of the owner, the receiver may suspect a problem.

Case 2:
1. In case of emergency, your friends or loved one can use any phone (even not smartphone) to just SMS (default is SMS word ‘zentrack’) for requesting your location.

A web portal is also created for users to easily trace others passively.
U Safe Tracker also provide extra features :
1. Send emergency SMS/ email immediately when in danger by just shaking phone or unplug headset from phone. With this feature, users don’t need to wait any longer to let others know he/she is in danger but can immediately shout for help.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this app works even the owner are out of internet connection when there is no WiFi/3G/4G coverage.
This app is best suit for mobile tracking, ensure kids safety and safety reporting.

1. At least turn on “Use Wireless Network” for location tracking.
2. Turn on GPS for better tracking.
3. Internet Access needed to get your current address.
4. This app requires Google Maps installed.
5. If you lost your phone, you can SMS word ‘zentrack’ to your phone for requesting its’ current location after installing this app from Google Play portal.

Recent changes:
– Minor bugs fixed.
– Better battery management.
– Always sync location to web portal if scheduled location sending is set.
– Can customize emergency message sent in InstantSafe.
– Can set whether to send best to known location in InstantSafe.
– Fix settings not updated occasionally bug.

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