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Almost all the friends in my social circle own an Android phone and those who don’t have it yet are planning to get one shortly. So with so many Androids around, we frequently talk about new apps and how they are helping each of us in our daily life, and thus we have situations where I may like an app on one of my friend’s phone and would want to quickly install it on mine as well.Of course, I can open Google Play and download the application but why waste the bandwidth when I can ask my friend to transfer it to me over Bluetooth. Sounds interesting, right? This can accomplished through 2 nifty apps: Astro and Bluetooth Transfer App.

Astro is a leading file explorer for Android, and I am sure most of you have come across it. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Android file explorers one can use, but there’s a lot more to it than that. One of the features of Astro is that it lets you backup your installed apps on the memory card as an APK file so that you can restore them at the time of crisis. What we will do is, we will see how we can create an APK of an individual file and send it over Bluetooth to another device using this tool.Select Application Backup from the popup tool window and wait for Astro to make a list of all the applications installed on your Android. In the list select the application you want to send over Bluetooth and click the backup button to create the APK file. You can select multiple applications as well. Once the backup is complete, press the back soft key to return to the Astro Home.Well, our journey with Astro completes here. We will now use Bluetooth File Transfer app for Android to transfer these files over Bluetooth as APK access to Bluetooth are locked by default on most of the devices. Once you have downloaded and installed Bluetooth File Transfer app on your Android, launch the application.In Bluetooth File Transfer application, navigate to the same folder Backups—>Apps and select the file you want to send. After selecting press the Bluetooth button, search for the device and send the file. Once the receiver receives the file, he will be able to install it.This method of transferring the APK file can really come in handy when you want an application that’s installed on another Android phone, and you are on a train or flight from where you cannot access Google Play.Thanks to you, I am TOTALLY EXCITED to get a new phone. I really thought I would have to leave 2-3 of my “Non-marketplace” apps behind, because I couldn’t find them anymore. Anywhere. NOW, I have those apps all backed up, and I’m ready to load them onto my new phone (whenever that happens). This article, and ASTRO, have totally changed my perspective on upgrading!I also have ES File Explorer on my phone, and used that to email myself the backed up apps, so they are saved in the cloud as well! I even emailed a backed up app to a friend who opened it on his phone, and it installed perfectly! (Once he clicked settings, Applications, and the checkbox for “Allow Non-marketplace apps.”)

Much like the dot-com boom saw this little thing called “the Internet” turn websites into full fledged businesses, the App Era is accomplishing the same feats in a newly mobilized world. Not every developer can become a ROVIO, Zynga, or Instagram – the latter of which sold for $1 Billion to Facebook – but there is a LOT of money to be made in this fledgling industry. Some developers enjoy driving revenue with app/game sales, in-app purchases, or advertising; but what if YOU wanted to sell ownership of your app or game to another company or individual? How do you transfer your app?It’s incredibly easy and in the below video we show you exactly how:

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