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Free. Because of its nice ring, the word has always been one of my favorites as well as a favorite for most people. So, while many programs offer premium or professional versions of their software, I have personally found that the free versions were adequate to meet my needs. For this reason, most of the software and now the applications that I use have been — or are currently — free.That being said, I have currently been on a search to find software applications for my Android operated cellphone and my Amazon Kindle Fire. The particular programs I sought were ones that would:

allow the searching of multiple news services.
allow the organization of newspapers by title, popularity, or other reader choices.allow the organization of one’s favorites.
be easy to use.One such application that I found was US Newspapers by Baris Efe.The US Newspapers application helps you keep your fingers on the pulse of current events in America. Built into this unique application is an easy to use interface that provides the required attributes listed above as well as additional ones. I further found that this application is not limited to metro newspapers but covers an incredible 45 US newspapers that are scattered throughout the entire country. I found this in itself amazing, but was even more impressed when I discovered that this application extends its coverage to include access to some of the major network news programs such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and others.

So, while I found the coverage exceptional, I was also pleased to find that, within its interface, I was provided with the ability to change the font size (making viewing easier), gain access to the default browser, and access a sort feature to list items either alphabetically or view frequently read areas first. Additionally, I was impressed that it could do all of this without drastically reducing available resources.

Another source that I located was called Newspaper USA by Markus Reitberger.Newspaper USA offers a different set of features from many of the newspaper apps that I have tried. This app has its own favorites, newspapers, IT news, business news, sports, and international sections as well as an “others” option. These sections contain some of the most popular news and information sources available on the Internet. The others section contains links to social networking sites (such as Facebook) and to buying sites (such as Amazon and eBay). However, what I specifically appreciate about this app is the ability it gives you to add links of your choosing to any of the sections. Within this feature I also found that it allows you to remove a link by merely holding down the link’s name and selecting Delete. This design was also built into the favorites section, allowing you the same ease to add and thus access built-in links with the simple click of your mouse.

If those aren’t enough, I also found a another great application called Pulse News by Alphonso Labs.Pulse News can only be described as ‘beautiful.’ This application provides the user with an easy to configure menu of tiles, and has been designed with the intent of making the user feel comfortable.

In the picture here, you can see that I have set the Pulse application on my Android phone with a full three pages of some of the best technology sites on the Internet. Each page holds 12 different websites — each displaying the top stories for the website of the user’s choosing.

While I obviously haven’t tested Pulse News with every available browser, I have been using it without issue on my Android smartphone (which uses the Opera Web browser). Within this browser, I have found the application to work flawlessly by instantly changing from the application to the Opera browser and back again.

Another plus that I found is that syncing with Pulse News is a snap. You just complete a simple setup with your email address, enter a username and password, and your account will be activated, enabling you to sync all of your devices to your account.

The last application I found that I think is worth mentioning is called News Republic by MobilesRepublic.This is one app that invites you to configure it to your heart’s content. Included in the app is the ability to:make your own channels and follow only those topics that are of interest to you.set alerts for when topics of interest to you are posted.use a search feature, called TagNav explorer, to search all the available news to find what you are looking for.share your favorite articles with friends using email, Twitter, or Facebook.
If you are looking for an application that is easy to use, has a great GUI, and has some great innovative features, give News Republic a try and see what you think. I tried News Republic and found it to be extremely useful and helpful.However, if you haven’t guessed it by now, my favorite of these four fine applications is Pulse News. The interface is up to date and modern, reminding me of Metro that has been incorporated into Microsoft’s Windows 8. As in Metro, I found that the ease of adding and removing news sources added value, thus making it a must-have application.That is only my opinion, however, and I would recommend that you try each of these news applications before determining which of them meets your needs. Personally I believe that any one of these applications have been well-designed and would be a valuable asset to your Android operating system.

Number 1 News App in Android Market!!
Easy to use directory of thousands of local and international newspapers, magazines and websites.
More than 6000 WORLDWIDE newspapers, websites and magazines
links at your fingertips optimized for your android phone.
A must have for news junkies.

* More than 105 countries and 6000 paper links.
* Video News
* Browse by country and categories
* RSS reader with smart search & offline reading
* Favourites(customizable), Share & History
* Bookmarks
* Search for newspapers
* Translate webpages
* Download webpages for offline viewing
* Submit a newspaper
* Personalised settings
* Read It Later integration
* NEW option to view non-mobile sites ( requires fast internet
and high end device, preferably a tablet)

Your newspaper to go app!!

Recent changes:
* improved bookmarks view
* added on demand flash loading – speed enhancement
* fixed some crash bugs

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