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No Brainer App Reviews launched in May 2012 and is dedicated to Apps, Smartphone’s and tablets. We aim to provide a guide to the latest and best Apps available on iOS, Android, Nokia & Windows Phone. This enables us to cater for our readers no matter what device they use.Why can’t the iOS people understand the promotion was sponsored by Google already? And it wasnt just TL games, Google sponsored special content in other companies’ games. These people ought to complain to Apple instead.Urghh! Whatever but i know that’s fair ‘coz Droid players don’t get anythings like iOS before so TL give ‘em a chance but WHY TL don’t give somethings like (example) Dragon Story to Droid so when Droid get this promotion, iOS will get too but maybe with another magic box. And how ’bout olympic items that iOS don’t have.. Btw nevermind! I don’t want to argue just for GAMES.Google rebranded Android Market to Google Play yesterday to incorporate more than just Apps and Games under one umbrella name of Google Play. Google wants to leverage the popularity of Android Apps and Games and use it to promote other products such as Google Music and Google Books as well. You can read more about the announcement here.

Ok! This is SavingMore.In…not techcrunch so why all this ? We know you might be wondering about the same. Well, don’t worry, we have a good deal to share with you all. In order to promote “Google Play”, Google is giving away many apps and games at great prices.There are about 25 Apps and Games which are available for promotion today. All at a flat rate of Rs 24.40. Final charged amount maybe little higher(upto Rs 26 due to conversion charges), the deal is surely a steal. Google will be offering new Apps everyday, so make sure to book mark this page as we will be updating it with new links.

App Developers
With the ever increasing amount of apps on the App Store and Google play it hard to stand out from the rest. There are loads of great apps that we see every day that don’t get the attention or praise they deserve. This often comes down to poor app marketing or promotion. We understand that no every developer has $1000′s to spend on advertising & App promotion so we have come up with some great app promotion packages starting from as little as $10.We strive to offer developers a value for money service with full review starting at only $10. All our apps are downloaded and used by our dedicated reviewers and are given an honest appraisal.It really is a No Brainer when it comes to getting your app reviewed on our site. Please complete the simple App Submission form to start promoting you app now.

Site Statistics
Since we launched in May 2012our viewing figures have rapidly grown. In the last 3 months since we launched we have had over 36k unique visitors with over 55k impressions. Our viewers are mainly males aged between 25-35 years old and live mainly in the USA, UK and Canada. We have had great feedback from our users and our site in developing into a popular place to visit. We may have slightly smaller viewing rates than some other similar sites but what we do know is that our viewers are actually looking for new and exciting apps to download.

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