Android apps ratings reviews 2012


Polaris Office (for iPhone)
Polaris Office (for iPad)
Star Walk 6.0 (for iPhone)
Star Walk 6.0 (for iPad)
Ness Dining Guide (for iPhone)
Dolphin Browser HD 8.8 (for Android)
Apple iOS 6
Fing-Network Tools (for Android)
Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT (for iPhone)
Mercury Web Browser Pro (for iPad)
Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.3 (for iPad)
Dashlane 2.0 (for iPhone)
Pageonce (for Android)
GAIN Fitness (for iPhone)
Onavo Extend 1.2.6 (for Android)

More Zagat goodness from our friends at Google today. The restaurant guide’s scores, summaries, reviews and ratings have “made their way” onto the Android version of Google Maps. Clicking Local in the “latest version of the app” brings up a list of local restaurants, searchable by category. You can also “check out reviews” and scores from folks in your Google+ circles and leave your own reviews. The Zagat-enabled version of the app is available now for $0. Check out a video “after the break.”If you’re trying to shave off some of the fat from your monthly smartphone bill, you can start by cutting down on mobile data consumption. Onavo Extend 1.2.6 (free) is like a diet pill for heavy Android data users without unlimited data plans. Its compression technology significantly reduces data consumption—claiming to save 500MB a month on average—with virtually no effort on your part. Onavo Extend is especially valuable when traveling abroad, where every megabyte of data comes at a premium

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