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Google’s Android Market isn’t the only place you can get Android apps. Whether you’re looking for free paid apps, social recommendations or an app store to replace a missing Android Market, you have a lot of choice.Each app store is completely legit — the ones that offer free apps pay the developer for the privilege. You may even have an alternative app store on your device already if you’re an Opera user.

Allowing Non-Market Apps

By default, Android blocks you from installing apps from anywhere that isn’t the Android Market. To use any of these alternative app stores, you’ll have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the Applications settings screen. Check out our article on installing non-Market apps for more detailed information.

Amazon Appstore
Amazon’s app store is probably the most well-known alternative to the Android Market. It’s included by default on the Kindle Fire . The big drawback to this app store is that it’s only available in the US.If you are in the USA, the Amazon App Store is a great alternative to the Android Market. Not only is it chock-full of paid apps and free apps, it gives away a new paid app every day. Visit it each day to check out the new free app these apps are only free for a 24-hour period.

GetJar isn’t as well-known, but it’s available everywhere. GetJar also gives away paid apps for free.Unlike Amazon’s app giveaways, GetJar’s paid app giveaways don’t expire. GetJar adds new paid apps to its free “Gold Apps” section every week.


AppBrain takes a different, more social approach to an app store. It sells itself as an app recommendation system. With its social features, you can friend people and view your friends’ favorite apps. You can also see the apps that are currently hot, site-wide.AppBrain’s recommendation engine scans your device and, based on what you currently have installed, gives you personalized app recommendations.

Android Market,” Google’s Play Store, the biggest app store rival of Apple’s iOS App Store, hits a new record high this month after hitting the 25 billion app downloads mark.As reported by the official blog site of Android, Google said that 675,000 apps have attracted 25 billion downloads, and to celebrate the new record, Google is launching “some great discounts for the next five days.”Google’s director of digital content, Jamie Rosenberg, said in the blog post:Every day you’ll be able to choose from a collection of apps from some of the world’s top developers including Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and more. And all for just 25 cents. We’ll also be offering some special collections like 25 movies you must own, 25 banned books, 25 albums that changed the world and our 25 top selling magazines, all at special prices. Visit Google Play a little later today to check them out.The Google Play Store is the default application market of Android devices. Top-end Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Motorola Droid RAZR and also the popular Nexus 7 tablets, are arguably helping the store to generate more revenue.Google is expected to expand its Play Store to more countries by the end of this year. Also in tow is the Nexus 7 tablet, and reportedly, a new set of Nexus phones that will run the “pure” version of Android Jelly Bean. The latest market of the Nexus 7 is Japan, and more countries are set to follow

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