Android Apps to Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone


Worry forget about about misplaced or lost phones. The Android Market has lots of applications that will help locate phones-mainly using Gps navigation technology-if you lose or misplace them.Losing your phone could be a frightening factor. Your phone isn’t just an essential device that you employ for a number of tasks. It’s also a tool that may reveal important private information about you and your contacts.With one of these three applications, you’ve three methods to the question &ldquoHow can one find my phone?&rdquo whenever your phone gets lost.

Plan B
Everybody really wants to safeguard his/her phones, however when lost, Plan B will help you find its long ago. Plan B is really a find-my-phone application produced by Lookout Mobile Security. The very best factor relating to this application is it does not have to be placed on your phone rather, this application could be sent and installed for your phone in the Android Market even if you have previously lost your phone.

So how exactly does Plan B work?

Whenever you lose your Android phone, send the Plan B application into it in the Android Market.Plan B will instantly send your phone’s place to the Gmail address connected together with your Google account.After ten minutes, you are able to locate your phone again by utilizing another Android phone (your friend’s phone, for instance). Send the term ‘locate’ for your lost phone and Plan B (in your lost phone) will be sending you particulars of their location.Once Plan B is installed, the application finds your phone through the use of cell towers and Gps navigation. Plan B determines your lost phone’s location every ten minutes, so you’d know whether your phone is standing still or on the run.

Lookout Security & Anti-virus
While Plan B is a superb last-resort application for finding your lost phone, the Lookout Security & Anti-virus application should have been receiving your phone to begin with. Much like Plan B, Lookout Security & Anti-virus utilizes a built-in phone locator and Gps navigation to locate your lost phone’s location. All that you should do would be to sign in to and click on the locate button to locate your phone by having an precision around ten to fifteen ft.Customers from the Lookout Security & Anti-virus application can locate their phone on the internet Maps even when Gps navigation is switched off on the telephone, trigger a security even when the telephone is within quiet mode, or cleanse any information in your phone. Apart from a telephone locator, the application can safeguard your phone from undesirable infections and offers backup and restore functions.You can test the premium options that come with the Lookout Security & Anti-virus application free of charge for any limited period. Following the free trial finishes, the application instantly returns to some free-to-use version however with certain restrictions in benefits.

Such as the two programs pointed out earlier, SeekDroid enables customers to remotely control their phone from the website, which within this situation is, unlike Plan B and Lookout Security & Anti-virus, SeekDroid has some improvements that differentiate it in the two. For example, SeekDroid enables the consumer to disable itself from being uninstalled with no password. It apparently doesn’t drain off an excessive amount of battery energy and would still work even with no Sim. You are able to remotely activate your phone’s Gps navigation, locate your lost phone, and also have SeekDroid demonstrate its location on the map.

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