Android apps uninstalling themselves


to begin with these aren’t applications which were placed on an sdcard, these applications were on the telephone itself, and such as the android market itself, another is facebook. as well as its not only that it transformed to experience store, play store is not there, market is not there, the shortcut does not work nor android market or play store have been in their email list of android apps, facebook is not there eitherI have not had this issue before until I received my GS2, my applications would un-install themselfs. I’ve plently of storage including an 32gb micro sdcard, I actually do move applications which are movable towards the sd. Following a couple of days to some week, the application could be gone, and that i would need to reinstal. I attempted using several launchers, used stock launcher, the issue still happens. I’m utilizing an anti-virus, scanned with no results. I known as T-Mobile. They’d me perform a hard totally reset, several occasions. Problem remain.

Has this occur to other people? Applications like Evernote, Barcode Scanner, Amazon . com Kindle, I needed to re-install these, a number of them several occasions. I am not rooted.I’ll say upfront, I am not really a specialist and haven’t a *clue* why your applications are vanishing. We all do however come with an outstanding number of men referred to as Save Squad, and they’ve solutions to nearly whatever you encounter. Hold on for some time and one of these will swing by and provide you with a hands.What anti-virus are you currently using? Perhaps you have attempted removing that application for a while and find out whether it stops happening? There’s a great article from Chris DiBona of Google about anti-virus programs around the android operating system being useless and also the makers just being con artists and taking your mone

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