Android asset studio transparent background



If your lightweight window includes a take on it with a backgroundColor specified, sometimes that whole window’s background will end up transparent and show your window below it. Sample application.js:

var win = Ti.UI.createWindow()

win.addEventListener(“click”, function() whitened”
color: “yellow”, left: “0dp”, right: “0dp”,
title: “I’m a label around the second window”

w.addEventListener(“click”, function() )

win.add(Ti.UI.createLabel(I’m a label around the first window”

Run the application on 3.1 or 3.2 Honeycomb.

Tap your window to spread out the 2nd window.

Within the failcase, the very first window will still surface (additionally towards the label around the second window.)

By this time around, 2.4% of Android customers are utilizing Honeycomb, which failcase is rather specific and simply labored around (make use of a heavy window). I believe it’s low priority.

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