Android bangla font support


Bangla Font for Android (without rooting)


I’ve received a lot of demands for any Bangla Font for Android. Regrettably Android isn’t so matured in handling Unicode and sophisticated Script and there is not a way of setting up new font without rooting the unit, but Samsung has develop an effective way permitting setting up fonts. And So I have produced this Bangla Font that will focus on Samsung Products or any other products with custom font support, so you can now see Bangla in Programs, try not to get too excited, the complex script (Jukto Borno and thus) might not appear properly in certain products, several service providers may create some problems. I’ve attempted a great deal to solve the problem however i could not, well I stated Android isn’t that matured for the reason that way. Which means this Font comes with no warranty, and so i haven’t released it within the Android Market.
There’s a proverb in Bangla:
নাই মামার চেয়ে কানা মামা ভাল

So please play the role of happy a minimum of you can now see Bangla inside your applications without rooting the unit :)


To begin with avoid using Opera Small browser for the steps below, use Android’s default browser.
See your device’s Configurations > Application and make certain &ldquoUnknown sources&rdquo is checked. If you notice any warning click OK.

Either visit browser and kind this link http://j.mega pixel/banglaf
Or Scan the QR Code below together with your Barcode Scanner application and visit the link (by tapping &ldquoOpen browser&rdquo button)


Or Download the file inside your PC and transfer to Phone
Open the downloaded file by tapping, inside your tool and Install
Visit Configurations > Display > Font style and Choose BanglaFont, tap OK then tap &ldquoRestart now&rdquo.

There you have it. Now start your device’s browser /bangladroid if you notice the proverb (nai mama) above then it is okay.

If you want this please click on the Facebook Like below or share this together with your buddies. You may also revert towards the old font if you want.

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