Android barcode scanner inventory app


So today I am while using phone to browse, finish browsing, turn the screen off and set the telephone lower after i hear “data connection lost”.
a few minutes ago i simply closed the Facebook app, place the phone lower simply to hear again… “Data Connection Lost”. Both occasions i selected the telephone support and saw nothing was opened up which i think could’ve triggered this. Anybody have this happen lately? I’ve not done anything like remove applications or freeze any applications or added anything in on the month. Inventory Count using barcode system
presented by: Action-Plus Co., Ltd.

Manage your inventory using Barcode!
You should use your Android Device just like a barcode scanner!

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– Scan/type-within the Barcode and Quantity fields of the stock
– Auto-save when continue checking the stocks
– Quantity is going to be added once the same barcode is scanned
– List out that which you have recorded, and remove the chosen record as you desire
– Export their email list into .csv apply for Stand out
(under SDCard folder, filename:AP_export_log.csv)
– an Sdcard is needed around the mobile phone
– requires Barcode Scanner from Android Market (by Zxing Team)

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