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[Android] Email option questions
Right now I’m using an ipod touch 3g 64Gb as my mobile device, but its time to replace my cellphone, and I’m looking at the Droid X. The problem is that so far no one I know has an Android phone, and the few stores near me that have working cell phones have broken Android phones. So if anyone could answer the following, I would greatly appreciate it.

Email options:
1. I found info in another threat that multiple pop accounts can be used, and there is a global inbox for all email. Would like to confirm that. (I use 6 different pop accounts)

2. Thus far I haven’t done much with my gmail account, nor do I have any desire to actually use it for email. Obviously calendar sync and such require it, so it will be on the phone, but is it required to be the “default” account?

3. I make use of the ipod’s “always bcc myself” option, which I then filter at the PC so I have an archive of outbound emails. Does android have this option, and can it be used for a pop account? (rather than just the gmail account)

4. And with multiple accounts, does it bcc the account you send from, or to the primary account?

5. is there a pull setting for POP accounts? (check every x minutes)

6. can you set different pull times based on wifi versus 3G?

7. Is there an email signature option?

8. Are there any email app alternatives, or is it like apple with the “you’ll use only ours”?

9. For those who’ve switched from ipod/iphone to android, anything I should be aware of?

10. Are there any good SIP apps? (I use Voicepulse, not Skype)

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