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Google Chrome for Android’s Bezel Swipe: A strategy to Pan and Swipe Confusion?

The discharge of Google Chrome beta for Android was a celebration that a lot of us happen to be waiting a very long time. The brand new browser is excellent even just in this early beta phase.

Google did not decide to follow a good way simply changing the rendering engine within the stock Android browser but did rather re-think mobile browsing consumer experience. Chrome for Android provides extensive small subtle animations and particulars that may or is probably not gimmicky. A number of them are extremely helpful and a number of them might finish up being not too helpful. My tip from the hat to Google’s team for trying this stuff but can be which of them they ought to let in and which of them they ought to remove.

Bezel Swipe, Goodbye Pan versus. Swipe Problem
The brand new browser also introduced a gesture that’s very little utilized on Android but continues to be utilized on other platforms even just in very central tasks like multi-tasking. It’s the bezel swipe. Bezel swipe is really a swipe gesture that begins outdoors the telephone UI ie. around the phone’s bezel.

A browser is a good example of the gesture confusion problem I authored about handful of several weeks ago. In a nutshell however , it is not easy to distinguish between user’s intention to swipe and also to pan the UI viewport.

On the browser user can zoom right into a web site making the page too large for that screen. User will move about by dragging having a finger. This really is great and well but what to give a gesture to maneuver between tabs? A swipe will not do due to the above mentioned problem. Needing to pan towards the edge before altering the tab how you move between zoomed pictures within the gallery could be awkward.

Within the new Chrome browser user can move between tabs while using bezel swipe gesture. Even though it is not perfect (obtaining the application to identify the gesture is not always industry standard) it’s very functional. Once Google engineers tweak the technical gesture recognition calculations perfectly In my opinion that this is an excellent way to resolve the gesture mixup problem.

New Gestures Always Include Problems
Presenting new gestures has the issue of gesture discoverability. Panning as well as swiping can be found accidentally if they are implemented properly. But do you know the likelihood of customers finding the bezel swipe? For the time being every application by using this gesture must point it to their customers clearly. But maybe it might be a typical action on Android platform and customers begin to expect it. We will have.

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