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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2. released, Android apps open to all


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It sure is a very long time coming for the siblings in the BlackBerry camping, however nowadays is really a day to keep in mind. PlayBook OS 2. has finally been launched, getting by using it use of Android programs with the Android Runtime.

Many happen to be tinkering for a while with the Developer Beta of two. and porting apps to test around the device. But by today, any Android apps which were rebranded and posted to BlackBerry Application World is going to be open to everybody.

We will not boast way too hard about how exactly great they are all likely to be which everybody will love these — that would not be fair, many of them will most likely suck. However with the amount of interest seen in the recent Devcon Europe, may possibly not exercise too badly.

There’s been a minumum of one large title Android developer that has ported over for launch though. Automattic who produce WordPress for Android have relaunched exactly the same application as WordPress for Playbook. Additionally, it appears like the built-in keyboard is BlackBerry’s own form of the Android third-party keyboard, Swiftkey. Pretty sweet.

Just a little easter time egg too for just about any individuals available which are managing a BlackBerry smartphone as well as an Android Tablet. Our personal Chris Parsons is doing some looking into, also it appears by using version 5. from the BlackBerry Bridge application it’s not only PlayBooks that may be rc. Since it utilises the Bluetooth HID standard, Bridge may be used with a variety of products just like a PS3, as well as Chris’ Motorola Xoom. Hit the hyperlink below to look at that video.

It simply leaves us to state — thanks for visiting the household, kind of. It has been a lengthy route to OS 2. that’s without a doubt. Hopefully that Android designers will truly jump in and demonstrate a few of the high quality programs that we are accustomed to within this area of the Mobile Nations. For full dental coverage plans ensure that it stays locked to the sister site

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