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Rim PlayBook 2.1 update brings enhanced Android applications support

Of recently most news about RIM focuses only on its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile phones. Therefore the news of the software update is available in like a welcome change.

The organization has folded out PlayBook OS version 5.1 update because of its PlayBook tablet. This new update is free of charge and it is being pressed over-the-air. Consumer may also by hand look for software update on their own PlayBook tablet and install exactly the same.

Based on BlackBerry, PlayBook OS version 5.1 will prove to add slew of recent abilities and security measures for their tablet. Inside a blog publish on Inside BlackBerry, RIM mentions three significant reasons to upgrade, including enhanced Android applications support.

Up-to-date BlackBerry Bridge: You can now view, respond and compose new SMS messages on their own BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet when linked to a BlackBerry smartphone over Bluetooth. You will also enjoy elevated performance and speed of other BlackBerry Bridge functions too. So that you can do more, more effectively. Txt away, my buddies.

Email and PIM Improvements: You’ve requested it and we have shipped portrait support for email, calendar and contacts, providing you with the choice to apply your tablet either in orientation to message. This can certainly prove useful for individuals individuals who enjoy thumb keying in portrait mode like I actually do.

Enhanced Android Application Support: Includes Multi-Window Programs, Camera Support as well as in-Application Obligations. We all like a more potent application experience, along with the enhancements towards the Android runtime, that’s just what you’ll receive. Running the programs in separate home windows enables you to definitely multi-task between Android applications simpler, as well as in-application obligations can make it simpler that you should increase your application content. Game on!

The brand new update will even help PlayBook Customers to secure all their data around the tablet. Before update, customers could only secure corporate data. PlayBook OS 2.1 also brings by using it numerous enterprise features.The BlackBerry PlayBook are now able to connect with the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion server over-the-air and obtain support for ActiveSync authentication.

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