Android bluetooth keyboard and mouse



AndroMouse: Best Android mouse and keyboard available

Convert your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard and more.

The very best remote Android mouse and keyboard available on the market. AndroMouse converts your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more. Reference to your pc is created either making use of your existing wi-fi or using Bluetooth. AndroMouse also features speech-to-type which utilizes Google speech recognition to make it all simpler (speech-to-type not supported in lite version)

The Very Best Handheld Remote Control Application You Will Get Free Of Charge.. GUARANTEED..

★ Ideal for presentations.
★ Free wireless mouse and keyboard.
★ Ideal for working outdoors.
★ Ideal for partys.
★ Ideal for typing your document when you’re using your mattress(so what)
★ Great everywhere.

Relax inside your mattress and search YouTube together with your voice or do a google search or anything..

You have to run AndroMouse Desktop Server inside your computer to make use of AndroMouse. Check out to download free desktop server, to look at an intro video and for any quick tutorial.

Mouse features:
★ Tap click
★ Double tap to double click
★ Scroll together with your two fingers (multi-touch)
★ Easy dragging
★ Right click
★ Auto IP recognition

Keyboard features:
★ Standard keyboard
★ Function and special secrets
★ Capability to hold alt, control and change for combination secrets

Numpad features:
★ Numpad with multi-functional secrets
★ Numlock

Additional features:
★ Connect using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
★ Both landscape and portrait screen orientation
★ Easy connection

Not Far Off In Next Update(full version):
★ Live Desktop View
★ And more..

Please goto world wide to learn to use AndroMouse


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