Android bluetooth tether app



Turns your Android phone right into a free Wi-fi compatability or Bluetooth Hotspot – no rooting or tether plan needed. Just install and switch it on.

You are able to connect from the computer systems or pills or perhaps gaming console. Entry Way is infrastructure mode with WPA2 security. FoxFi usage is included underneath the same phone data plan you’ve with no tether plan needed. This protects you $20/month out of your company.

The disposable version presently has a usage limit that needs you to definitely restart FoxFi to carry on using free mode. You can buy the entire version answer to unlock this.

Presently Wi-fi compatability mode doesn’t work of all phones with Jelly Bean (aside from a couple of models) and many HTC phones (aside from HTC One). However Bluetooth mode works best for all phones. To check on and find out if Wi-fi compatability mode could be supported in your phone visit

*Sprint and also at&T has removed FoxFi from Market. If you can’t find FoxFi please install or upgrade from or scan the QR code within the third screenshot.

Below are great tips to assist your usage:
1. On some models should you encounter Wi-fi compatability problem after while using Hotspot, simply reboot your phone and relabel the hotspot before initiating to obvious the problem.
2. For many Samsung phones in case your computer can’t have an Ip, attempt to switch on Wi-fi compatability on the telephone first and make certain it doesn’t connect with any Wi-fi compatability network, then switch on FoxFi.
3. FoxFi is examined on non-rooted phones. In case your phone includes a rooted ROM it might work.
4. When Wi-fi compatability hotspot is triggered you may even visit a hotspot notification from the built-in Wi-fi compatability hotspot feature. Please neglected. As lengthy as you don’t subscribe to a tether plan you will not be billed.
5. Should you enter or alter the hotspot password, make certain you relabel the hotspot also before initiating.
6. Sometimes Home windows require a “repair” around the Wi-fi compatability menu to obtain a correct Ip.
7. Should you install the FoxFi AddOn application, additionally, you will have the ability to hide tether usage by setting a proxy server address within the computer browser.

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