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[How You Can]Adding and altering sounds on boot animations

Another boot animation fix comin at ya. A lot of people need to know how you can add and alter sounds on custom boot animations around the Android X2 and like these I possibly could not find enough information on the internet which i could send a hyperlink for them to help. SO after some playing around and the help of WugFresh I’ve the solution.

The applications:
First you may need a couple applications. You’ll need absolute system, root explorer and file ripper tools. They come in the android market, just perform a look for them. They are not free but when you realize anything about root you most likely curently have root explorer and even perhaps absolute system, but you’ll need file ripper tools by cold applications.

The programs:
Again knowing anything or a respectable amount about root you most likely curently have these programs but when not then download them. You’ll need 7Zip (ideally 7Zip) because so far as Yes, it is among the only when only some of the program that may zip files properly WITHOUT compression that is mandatory if there’s any compression put on the file OT Won’t WORK! Additionally, you will need either GVIM or Editor++ to be able to correctly edit the desc.txt file within the which everyone knows is the reason why the boot animation work and when that’s not set up properly then, well, you are destined to be tossing things.

The technique:

Discover the boot animation you would like and download it using absolute system or from whatever source, may it be from the forum thread or whatever. Should you download it from the source apart from absolute system you need to make certain before using it you need to put it around the cause of your sdcard and make certain it’s not named if you will find other boot animations in your sdcard because if they’re named exactly the same, clearly, they’ll overwrite eachother so title them nevertheless, you want.

Discover the seem you need to use, it may be any seem file as lengthy as it is short enough (or otherwise) to experience completely on boot. Download it, put it inside your sdcard and open the file ripper tools application. Use file ripper tools to obtain the file and when you’ve found and selected it choose to transform it to .ogg. It should be transformed into .ogg or it won’t work. Once it’s converted discover the converted version (“seem”.ogg or “anything you referred to it asInch.ogg) and employ root explorer to maneuver it to /sytem/media and then leave it there for the time being.

Plug your phone directly into your pc, make certain USB debugging is enabled, and set your phone into USB mass storage mode when your phone is connected. Open the files out of your sdcard on your pc and discover the boot animation .zip you will change and move it for your computer. Next open 7Zip and discover the boot animation .zip file you simply moved. Choose the file and extract it to wherever you need to on your pc. After you have removed the .zip files with 7Zip visit the removed files on your pc.

Note: (The following part helps you to save the edited version because the orginal version so if you wish to create a backup before you decide to edit it simply relabel nevertheless, you want or copy it right into a separate folder named desc backup.)

Right click the removed desc.txt file in the boot animation amd right click it. When you right click you will notice a choice that states either “edit with Editor++” or “edit with VIM” based on which program you made the decision on (I favor Editor++). Choose the choice and it’ll open the desc.txt inside your editor of preference. There might be a lost of recommendations within the desc.txt apply for editing areas of the desc.txt but normally, this is only available boot animations. Decide in which you want the seem file to experience and comment within the seem file you need to use with the addition of a line underneath the part you select it to experience at by typing “s ‘sound’.ogg” Don’t type things i authored verbatim, the title ‘sound’ is simply to provide a good example. Here’s one particualr desc.txt file that’s been edited to possess seem:
(The red-colored part may be the seem line)

# 540 wide, 960 tall 10 fps
540 960 10

# p means we are determining a component
# first number is repeat count, means infinite
# second number is delay in frames before carrying out the following part
# so if you’re playing 15 frames another 15 could be… one second
# string defines your directory to load files from
# files is going to be loaded so as but names don’t matter

# s defines a seem for any part
# sounds is going to be loaded from /system/media
# oggs with loop points will loop instantly
# just one seem will have at any given time
# timing is driven through the part, not the sounds
# if you would like no seem, leave blank

# android
p 1 01_android
s Fusion.ogg

# fusion
p 1 02_fusion

# mobility
p 1 03_mobility

# loop
p 04_loop[/SIZE]
Spot the title from the seem within the desc.txt file is equivalent to the main one I wish to use. I personally don’t like to seem like I am attempting to make you are feeling stupid, that we am most certainly not, Among the finest to make certain this really is detailed enough for anybody to follow along with.

4. Ongoing:
After you have said within the seem line, and you may add as much as you would like just make certain you browse the recommendations within the example desc.txt file above, save the file and exit your editor.

5. Open 7Zip and discover the removed boot animation files again using the edited desc.txt file. Make certain the only files turning up in 7Zip would be the boot animation files you removed such as the original desc.txt file which was edited and just that edited one, not the backup should you made one. Within the menu bar around the 7Zip program click “edit” and then click “choose all” within the drop lower menu that appears. Next click “file” within the menu bar, move your cursor towards the 7Zip option so when the drop lower menu appears click “increase archive…” When your window appears just alter the title to anything you want, choose “zip” within the Archive format drop lower menu, choose “store” within the compression level drop lower menu (you have to choose store or even the boot animation .zip file you’re creating is going to be compressed so that as I pointed out above it will not use compression) after which click “OK” to produce the .zip file. Once it’s produced proceed and move it to the cause of your sdcard.

6. Unplug your phone out of your computer and when the sdcard is mounted open absolute system. Visit boot animations and press menu and selct “boot animation editor.” Press menu again and choose “import from sdcard.Inch Discover the boot animation you edited and slect it. Curr menu once it raises your window with the .png images and choose “import” so when your window appears compelling you to definitely title the bootanimatiom just title it nevertheless, you want and choose “import.” To ensure that the boot animation you edited to appear inside your listing of downloaded boot animations in absolute system you have to first close absolute system and reopen it, get into boot animation editor again and it ought to be there. Choose your edited boot animation so when it reveals your window with the .png images press menu and choose “desc.txt editor” that will open the desc.txt file in absolute systems own editor. Scroll lower untill the thing is the “s” line you said in and press onto it, this can open a little window compelling you to select the file from either /data/local or /system/media. Selct to choos from /system/media and you will see a listing of .ogg files to select from (if you will find several you devote there). Choose which you need to play for your line. Case to make certain the is applying the best .ogg file and thus your phone knows where you can listen to it from on boot. You are able to change these if you would like however, you cannot comment lines in or out using absolute system. After you have finished making changes or verifying the seem files press menu and choose “save changes.” Once it’s done saving the alterations press back.

NOTE: The Following PART Is Essential And Should Be Achieved Just As I’ve WRITTEN, Within The Identical SEQUENCE I’m Providing You With.

7.Sorry for yelling hehe. Once absolute product is done saving the desc.txt file and you’ve got pressed to re-go into the .png images window in absolute system press home and open root explorer. In root explorer visit /system/media in which you placed your .ogg files and move them again into /system/media/audio/notices and press home key again. Open absolute system and install the boot animation to /data/local by choosing change install location and choosing “/data/local” and reboot your phone. When the seem doesn’t play, so it should, install the boot animation both in /data/local AND /system/media using absolute system.

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