Android camera not working black screen


How you can Fix Delayed Camera on Android Wise Phone

I really like my HTC Android Incredible, but there has been a few occasions where the camera has delayed. Essentially, it simply quits working and provides a black screen. The very first time it happened, I could not back from the camera (like It’s my job to do), and so i just shut the entire factor lower–wishing that re-startup it might repair the problem–however the camera would still stall after i would try opening it. Arrrgghhh!!!!

But it is happened two times in my experience now, and both occasions I made use of this same solution. Hopefully, these steps can help other people who incurs an identical problem.

Ways to get Home In the Delayed Camera

Click on the Home Icon in your phone.

It’s as easy as that. I usually use that back arrow to out of programs and onto my house page. And So I totally overlooked the apparent solution. However, this doesn’t fix your camera.

How you can Fix Your Delayed Camera on Android

Click to Restart your phone. Unlike just choosing Energy Off, the Restart close all applications before restarting the telephone–which seems to become the key for you to get the camera working again.

Making this certainly one of individuals rare how-to posts that need only one-step instructions. Crazy, huh?


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