Android ccid usb driver

For those who have an issue and wish to get support from me you will range from the following information:

CCID driver version
pcsc-lite version
wise card readers title
the creation of the command “/usr/sbin/pcscd –version”


Operating-system title and version
Wise card middleware title and version
Readers manufacturer title and readers model title
Wise card title


Then you definitely shall produce a complete log.

Kill any running pcscd process
(re)start pcscd just as referred to bellow:
sudo LIBCCID_ifdLogLevel=0x000F pcscd –foreground –debug –apdu tee log.txt

Stop pcscd (using Control-C) following the problem happened and send me the produced log.txt file

To understand if your wise card readers is CCID compliant and really should be based on this driver however is not listed bellow

Just obtain the source code of the driver and do:

tar xjvf ccid-x.y.z.tar.bz2
compact disc ccid-x.y.z
sudo ./src/parse > output.txt

and send me ( the produced output.txt file.

In case your readers is CCID compliant and you want to combine it with their email list of visitors I’d likewise need:

The Link to an internet page explaining the readers. Typically the site from the readers description around the manufacturer site.
An image from the readers. Generally an image has already been on the maker web site referred to above.

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