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This informative guide will highlight tips to get a permanent root in your Optimus V, WITHOUT flashing a custom recovery.Point about this publish originates from KSmithInNY’s Help guide to rooting the Optimus S that exist HERE. Because of KSmithInNY for letting me use his guide like a base.WARNING – This can be a cat and mouse game we have fun with producers. I guarantee an update can come from LG that patches this exploit and can prevent people from rooting. It will likewise close your root access if you have rooted that way. Lengthy story short,

What You Will Need:
– The Android SDK, FOUND HERE. Install this around the cause of your pc therefore the path is C:/android. After you have installed the SDK, make certain it’s current by starting the SDK Manager. This is something similar to c:androidSDK Manager.exe. It’ll request you to definitely update a number of things, but the only person that should be current may be the SDK Platform for Android 2.2 (Note: If Android SDK installer is not able to discover your JDK, simply click “Back” button after which “Next” again – it is a bug within the installer.)
– Motorists for that LG phone installed on your pc. Instructions are available HERE thanks to the most popular android hacker, modder, developer, blogger (jack of trades) gbhil
– SuperOneClick v1.6.3, that is offered by xda-designers HERE.
– And also the file I’ve mounted on this publish. Download it, unzip it, and set the two files inside inside your androidplatform-tools folder produced from setting up the SDK.

Prior to going any more, make certain you’ve downloaded/installed/up-to-date all things in their email list above, or are you going to not have the ability to complete the main.

Step One: Plug your phone to your PC using the USB cable.

Step Two: Make certain the telephone is charge only (don’t mount as USB drive) and USB debugging is enabled. Menu > Configurations > Programs > Development > check mark USB debugging

Step Three: Run SuperOneClick.exe. Choose the psneuter exploit around the right, after which click on the Spend Root button. SuperOneClick will endeavour to achieve a brief root for the phone. This might take several tries. Keep trying until you receive a message that states “You phone includes a Temp ADB Root”. Leave this window open, don’t reboot your phone, and then step four.

Step Four: Open a CMD window and kind the next:

compact disc c:wherever-your-sdk-tools-folder-is (mine for instance is C:androidplatform-tools).
(After entering the following line, adb spend, you ought to have a “#” prompt, if rather the thing is “$”, SuperOneClick is not able to get into your phone. Return to step three and check out again).I personally don’t like to request, but I am on mobile and that i can’t appear to locate an up-to-date listing of ROMs for my old rooted optimus v. I rooted it last evening and that i can’t really tell how to locate the latest form of the roms elsewhere than this cluttered AC application. Sent from my LG-VM696 using Android Central Forums.Quattrimus ICS Android 4. “Frozen Treats Sandwich” for that Optimus V. Tastes: CM9 and AOKP ( AOSP in route). Latest release beta1 Official Page [Only registered customers can observe links. ] [Only registered customers can observe links. ] Please browse the official page before confirming issues. Don’t use link2sd with this particular ROM.Well round the site I have observed many people requesting good ROMs, or requesting a reliable ROM, and so forth. Why can’t they to research the site? I’ve no clue idleness, aren’t able to find their mouse, they are hands all of a sudden eliminate, they are scared, or possibly they simply can’t learn how to work a pc? BUT, this thread is perfect for individuals people. To allow them to browse around, see on their own what.WARNING! Hello, First I must tell you just how I’m not accountable for anything that unexpectedly happens to your phone by flashing this! For those who have an issue, publish here and we’ll try to assist you with your problem! Thanks! Also: This Can Be A WORK Happening! You Will See BUGS! If you notice an insect, please report it! Thanks. Credits The majority of this rom was an authentic port from drewwalton19216801 and the

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