Android choreographer skipped frames


Are you currently running within the Choreographer?
Yes, I’m. I realize the Choreographer is most likely the ingredient that handles animations so when it does not get enough cpu cycles, it skips some frames and results this debug message. What worries me is exactly what within my primary thread might be leading to this and just how I track that. AFAIK my processing occur in background threads.

I’ve some code that runs inside a worker thread doing a bit of heavy computations, also it periodically posts updates towards the UI thread. While this doesn’t block the UI thread, anyone’s inputs are queued up and do not display on the display before the finish from the current increment of worker computation. Although this is occurring, I recieve constant messages from Choreographer like “Skipped 37 frames!,” etc. There’s been an effort to create Jelly Bean “buttery smooth” and that i suspect these messages are part of encouraging us to have no type of jerkiness within our shows.

Choreographer allows applications for connecting themselves towards the vsync, and correctly time items to improve performance.

Android view animations internally uses Choreographer for the similar purpose: to correctly time the animations and perhaps improve performance.

Since Choreographer is told about every vsync occasions, I will tell if among the Runnables passed along through the Choreographer.publish* apis does not finish in a single frame’s time, leading to frames to become skipped.

Within my understanding Choreographer are only able to identify the frame missing. It’s not a way of telling why this occurs.

The content “The applying might be doing an excessive amount of focus on its primary thread.” might be misleading.
This usually occurs when debugging while using emulator, which is proven to be slow anyway.
This if the Info message that may play your LogCat on manny situations.

Within my situation, it happened after i was blowing up several sights from XML layout files programmatically. The content is harmless alone, but may be the manifestation of a later problem that will make use of all the RAM your Application is permitted to make use of and make the mega-evil Pressure Near to happen. And That I are becoming the type of Developer that loves to see his Log WARN/INFO/ERROR Free.
after i was creating my very own custom “super-complex multi-section list” by blowing up a view from XML and inhabiting its fields (images, text, etc…) using the data from the response of the Relaxation/JSON web service (without paging abilities) this sights would behave as rows, sub-section headers and section headers with the addition of these within the correct to a LinearLayout (with vertical orientation in the ScrollView). All that to simulate a listView with clickable elements… but well, that’s for an additional question.

Like a responsible Developer you need to result in the Application really efficient using the system assets, therefore the best practice for lists (whenever your lists aren’t so complex) is by using a ListActivity or ListFragment having a Loader and fill the ListView by having an Adapter, this really is allegedly more effective, and it’s also and you ought to do all of it time, again… in case your list isn’t so complex.

Solution: I implemented paging on my small Relaxation/JSON web plan to prevent “large response dimensions” and that i wrapped the code that added the “rows”, “section headers” and “sub-section headers” sights with an AsyncTask to help keep the Primary Thread awesome.

So… I really hope my experience helps another person that’s cracking their heads open with this particular Info message.
Within my situation I’ve these messages after i show the sherlock action bar inderterminate progressbar. Since it is not my library, I made the decision to cover the Choreographer results.

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