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[Guide] How you can Create Goldcard sdcard for HTC Android Phones [w/ Video]

You’ll need a goldcard to bypass the CID check of RUUs (ROM Upgrade Utility which installs the state HTC Firmware), to ensure that you are able to install firmwares (top quality or non-top quality) in your HTC android phone. I needed to expensive an Optus ROM on my small Incredible S (Indian version), and that’s why I desired to produce a goldcard after Used to do it right, I figured it might be awesome to create a w/ video guide which supports others too who may require it.

To put it simply, a GoldCard allows flashing of RUU with skipping the CID (Company ID) check. You are able to expensive the unbranded RUUs in your top quality phone as well as the other way around.

This Informative Guide LOOKS VERY Extended However The Time That It TAKES IS Only OTHER SHORT-IN-LENGTH GUIDES (or a shorter period, because short guide may help you stay wondering what went wrong while that one is extremely very detailed, and takes full proper care of whatever you decide and need when and just how). SO, You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of IT’S LENGTH.

Some Frequently asked questions concerning the GoldCard:

GoldCard is really a normal sdcard only however the latter becomes the previous upon hacking &mdash that is easy, because you will see &mdash and do &mdash in steps below.
It may be any sdcard associated with a size. It’s easier to use 2GB, 4Gb or 8Gb sdcard. I have attempted and examined Scandisk’s both 2GB and 8Gb cards.
Goldcard may be used like every other sdcard for daily use.
Formatting a goldcard does not take away the goldcard component of sdcard. A minimum of, it did not happen on my small goldcard sdcard. And I have browse the same on forums, too. That is because formatting does not have fun with sd card’s industries that get the job done of goldcard as you will see within the guide.
You should use the Sdcard that accompany your phone to morph it into a goldcard. However, you might be needed to format it once before hacking it. Once it might be your goldcard, you can keep for doing things much like your normal sdcard without or with formatting it.
If you want to make use of the same goldcard for an additional device, that’s not a problem &mdash since goldcard is specific towards the sdcard used and does not rely on the telephone. Even when it does not work because it is, format it and follow this complete guide again.
Why people make use of a spare sdcard for goldcard and their normal sdcard separate happens because one frequently must use goldcard for number of reasons. It may also help in not-bricking the telephone and much more such stuff. So, another card which is often used daily supplies a good backup as well as prevents it from getting corrupted from daily usage. Plus, if one should format the goldcard, copying and rebuilding card’s data may consume great deal of time if regular sdcard can be used. This is exactly why it is good to possess a spare sdcard (a small one – 2GB) for implementing as goldcard.


Things you are gonna need:
One sdcard &mdash it may be your phone’s original sdcard that you employ daily. Or, you should use a classic one or buy a replacement (associated with a size, but realize that 2Gb would cost naturally less) for doing things as goldcard. [Note: I have used and examined and browse about microSD cards only, so whenever the word sdcard can be used, I am talking about sd card only]

Home windows PC &mdash because the software we are gonna use to compromise the sdcard is dependant on home windows.
HxD Hex Editor – this is exactly what will edit certain parts (known as industries) from the sdcard to transform it into a goldcard. Download it came from here. Download the portable form of language of your liking. You will get b .squat file – extract it to obtain HxD.exe which you will need to run in Step Five.2 below. Should you download the installable version, do the installation and run this program when requested in Step Five.2 below.
Planning the sdcard that might be changed into goldcard:
Place the sdcard &mdash that you would like in becoming goldcard &mdash inside your phone. (It’s possible to make use of the the sdcard that included phone or change it having a cheaper and permanent option).
Connect your phone to Home windows PC via USB cable. Mount the Sdcard as disk drive to ensure that the sdcard turns up on PC within the &ldquoMy Computer&rdquo window together with other drives.
Now, format your sdcard. This can erase all of the data around the sdcard, so perform a backup if you want to. To format, open the My Computer window, then right click the sd card’s drive and choose &ldquoFormat&hellip&rdquo. A window will appear. Make certain the file system selected is FAT32 [that's, Don't Choose NTFS file system].
Click Format to begin the formatting. Do ‘Quick Format’ only.
So, it’s ready for fine-tuning now.
Obtain the CID value backwards:
We are gonna make use of this simple application, known as GoldCard Assistant, to obtain the reverse of sd card’s CID. Android Market download link for that application is succumbed step three but simply don’t jump to that particular step &mdash it’s intentional &mdash don’t skip the important step two.
You’ll need a reverse of CID value which application provides you with that just &mdash that’s, don’t turn back value application provides you with since it is already backwards. Curing it might add up to re-curing from the CID the CID value only. So, the moral of the step is, Don’t turn back value this application provides you with. Suppose it offers a superior 4321, then use 4321 &mdash don’t reverse it to 1234 that is your sd card’s CID value.
Ok, download GoldCard Assistant on the internet Android Market or search for this in your phone’s market application &mdash and do the installation.
Open the application. You will see values, values and text and text and much more text. However your section of concern at this time may be the top most region &mdash &ldquoReverse CID&rdquo worth of the mmc2 card. Once more (before!), don’t reverse this value.
We have to make use of this value to produce a goldcard. You can just note it lower carefully or still better, save the worth in your email account &mdash with this, press menu key and choose share, choose gmail/email then, and send it for your email ID or save as draft, your decision. Email option would permit you to copy paste it when needed in step five.1.
Producing the goldcard image (this really is interesting):
The reason why you needed a corrected CID value happens because it can help you developing a goldcard image for the sdcard. So, visit this site (we are not affiliated or associated with it in anyway) &mdash link here &mdash and complete the shape investing in these particulars: Email ID, Email ID (again), Sdcard Serial (the worth if mmc2 card that you simply noted lower / e-mailed in step three.5 above), not to mention, choose Android in goldcard type. Verify you are human &mdash that’s, no emotion-filled android/android &mdash by filling out the captha properly under &ldquoWhat code is incorporated in the image?&rdquo factor. Then, hit &ldquogenerate Goldcard !&rdquo
Your GoldCard image is going to be e-mailed for you. (BTW, donate this site if you would like and therefore stretching support with this great free utility.)
When you get the email, download the goldcard.img file attached therewith.
Developing a Goldcard:
Connect the telephone to PC and mount the sdcard &mdash it ought to show like a disk within my computer.
Open the HxD hex editor (the program you downloaded in Step One.3 above). If you are on Home windows Vista/7, open it up with administrator rights, that’s, right click and choose &ldquoRun as administrator&rdquo. The portable version may request for many right or sth whenever you open it up the very first time, just hit ‘Ok’.
Visit ‘Extras’, and choose ‘Open disk’.
You will get a listing popping out mentioning the accessible disks split into two sections &mdash Logical disks and Physical disks. Simply disregard the ‘Logical disks’ and choose the disk representing your sdcard in the physical disks, which provides you with a pop-up screen. Important factor &mdash Not-tick the &ldquoOpen as Readonly&rdquo checkbox towards the bottom of the pop-up screen after which hit the OK button. This can open a nerdy screen with alphabets and amounts everywhere, try not to bother, visit next thing 5.5.
Visit ‘Extras’ menu again and this time around choose &ldquoOpen disk image&rdquo. Choose the goldcard.img file you downloaded in step four.3 above. Just a little pop-up screen can look asking to specify the sector size – choose (or keep selected) the 512 size.
Now, you have 2 tabs within the HxD software &mdash one from step four (sdcard) and the other from step five (goldcard.img).
Click the goldcard.img tab and visit ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Select All’.
Visit ‘Edit’ again and choose ‘Copy’.
Now, click the other tab that signifies your sdcard. Observe that, the left most column here’s serially designated starting with 0000000000 &mdash it’s Offset (h).
Important! Choose the Offset (h) line 0000000000 to 0000000170 by dragging the left computer mouse button beginning from start of the line 0000000000 towards the finish of line 0000000170. Upon selection, selected lines can get outlined. The screenshot towards the top shows exactly that &mdash of the question need to look like this with line from &hellip000 to &hellip170 selected (i.e. outlined).
Click on the ‘Edit’ button and choose ‘Paste Write’. This can write the information of goldcard.img you replicated in step five.8 above to sdcard &mdash this really is hacking the sdcard.
Visit ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Save’. Accept the warning. Your sdcard has become goldcard.
There you have it.
(Optional) Should you found this informative guide helpful, do share it on on web pages, forums, your twitter/Facebook pages, etc. to ensure that others also benefit which could be helping us grow, too.

BTW, I believe it is the most detailed show you ever saw concerning the goldcard creation. But next time you need to do this, it may seem there’s no requirement for this type of very-extra-detailed guide. But trust me, you will find always very-extra n00b individuals who indeed need this type of step-by-step guide. We do hope you loved it! Share your ideas around within the comments below.

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