Android developer console delete app


And So I chose to make this test application and submitted it to developer console, but because
it had been my first application it’s package is known as com.myfirstapp.program. now later I’ve made far better version of the identical program and this time around it’s under proper package title, however google play wont allow me to upload my new program because package title differs. And That I really shouldn’t use Hi men, how you are doing?

First, interesting attention. My issue is
I have submitted an application towards the Market, everything fine
Now i had been going to push a brand new version, however i kinda lost
(yeah, i didn’t remember) the keystore password. I quickly produced a brand new
keystore to sing the application. At this time i understood i wouldnt have the ability
to push being an upgrade, my plan ended up being to remove that old version
and publish the application, using the latest version apk.
In my surprise i came across which i cant remove an application. Ok.
What about produce a new publish on the market? Also impossible,
it recognise the origin package so that as there’s already
an application with similar package, it will not allow me to create.
So, how do i undergo this problem? I have already deactivated
that old version within the console, i just read that it’ll be ereased
sometime instantly.
Thanks, Lucas Falc&atildeocom.myfirstapp.program. Can there be anything I’m able to do? I attempted searching basically could remove my apk entirely but discovered it’s impossible, and so i am type of stuck here.The “Remove” button only works best for unregistered form of your application. When you released your application or perhaps a particular form of it, you can’t remove it in the Market. However, you may still “unpublish” it. The “Remove” button is just handy whenever you submitted a brand new version, then you definitely recognized you goofed and wish to remove that latest version before posting it.I too wish to remove an application from my Developer Console, if for little else than the truth that I’m a neat freak and getting an application within my console that received downloads, is unregistered, rather than is going to be released again. To possess a useless greyed-out application is simply annoying me. Can One email a google worker and ask for it’s taken off my console? I dont worry about obtaining the data back, the initial title back, or anything, Among the finest it of my console!

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