Android development jobs in usa


Software Engineer (Android developer) within Software Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden

We want to connect to millions of people with their favourite songs and create a service that people love to use. We believe music should be easily accessible and that listening to music will make people live richer lives. We want to create a win situation for people who loves listening to music and people who love creating music.

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for Android developers. You’ll be working with a world-class team of engineers who are passionate about what they do- and we expect no less from you. You should have an insatiable hunger for learning new things and improving existing ones. If you’re the right on for us you pay attention to details and take great pride in your work. You’ll help us make the Spotify mobile apps even better, whether it`s implementing new features, improving performance or making sure that the user interface is top- notch.

Preferably you`re located in (or willing to relocate to) Stockholm, Sweden, but for truly exceptional candidates, we´re will find ways to let you work from elsewhere too.


Outstanding engineering talent proven by great work results/experience, interesting hobby projects, open source contributions, or superior academic results

4 years of experience in software development and have a strong command of object oriented principles (can be non-professional experience)

1-2 years of experience in Android application development. You have very good knowledge of the Android application framework and some nice app on Android Market that you can show us.

Experienced in C++ development, being able to write and debug cross-platform code that is suitable for mobile constraints. Underneath the application logic and UI, written in Java, our app uses a C++ library shared with other Spotify mobile and desktop clients. Experience of JNI is a plus.

Fluent in writing well-documented code, explaining methods in good English

A degree in computer science or similar is a plus, but not required.

Self-motivated, but can excel in a team-based environment. Strong initiative and enthusiasm.

People who meet us tend to comment on our energy, and the passion we have for what we’re doing. We hope it’s infectious! At such a fast moving start up you’ll find opportunities rather than boundaries in every single role.

When applying, please provide all documents in pdf or txt format and include URLs to apps you have worked on with descriptions for each of what your contribution was. If you you got github or similar please provide that as well.

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