Android dialer storage clear data


nothing showed up in a search for “dialer storage” so i’m starting a new

my dialer storage used to be around 3/400kb and since the recent ‘security
update’ a few weeks ago it’s been growing larger every time i look at it.
it currently stands at 10mb which IMHO is way larger than it should (or
indeed used to) be.
all of the space taken up is in the ‘data’ portion (total:10mb,
application: 0mb, data:10mb), and the ‘clear cache’ option says 0kb and is
greyed out.

i haven’t added any custom ringtones for people recently (ie any time near
experiencing this issue), and in the time i’ve been experiencing this
behavior i’ve added maybe three contacts at most (no extra info, pics,
ringtones etc)

aside from being an annoyance, it keeps bringing up the ‘storage space low’
warning. which has now caused its own set of problems.

resultant problem 1:
i have recently found out that while the ‘storage space low’ warning is
showing, the phone will not sync. which means that over the last week or so
(yes i’ve now got to the stage of ignoring the warning, as i’m not prepared
to lose any more apps i actually would like to use just because a part of
the OS is growing) i haven’t been getting my gMail and i’ve been missing
events in my calendar. not good.
is the ‘not syncing while storage space is low’ thing a bug or a really
daft feature?

resultant problem 2:
since getting the ‘storage space low’ warning AFTER the recent ‘security
update’ i now have all of the issues detailed in the thread here:

i have had the storage space warning before the update and never had any
problems. everyone in this thread has had problems starting with a
combination of two things- the recent update and subsequently getting low
storage (for whatever reason)

this bug report has been declined, for reasons unknown.
a pretty crippling bug is being ignored, meaning lots of people are left
with the choice of a pretty much useless phone, or losing all their data.
not much of a choice IMHO.

so to reiterate- my point is that through one bug my storage space is
growing and taking over my phone.
this bug is combining with an apparent bug in the recent update, and has
now caused another issue that makes my phone gradually more and more
unusable, one that is being ignored by the support team.

any info on either of these bugs, or how to make my phone usable again
(without the standard response of ‘master reset’, losing all my data is NOT
a viable option) would be greatly appreciated…

ps- random (hopefully useful info)-
had handset since: aug 2008
carrier: t-mobile
never rooted / otherwise messed with
firmware: 1.5
build no: CRC1

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