Android docking station speakers


Finally a Universal Speaker Pier for Android

[speakerdock1] Nowadays nearly everybody includes a phone that may playback music. Whether it is an apple iphone, Android or any type of feature phone, you are able to virtually store and playback as well as stream music on nearly any phone available.

Remarkably, while you will find lots of available alternatives for seem docking stations for that apple iphone and ipod device, Android speaker docks are few in number. Go into the Universal Speaker Pier fro Android from Digital Improvements.

As you may expect, it appears and works since many universal docks do. The only real difference is the fact that there is not a collection part within the are a symbol of docking. Rather, you take out a earphone cable along with a micro USB cable and plug them in to the appropriate regions of the telephone. After that you switch the pier on striking experience your phone. Music or other seem will begin playing instantly.

As the above might not seem that impressive, individuals at Digital Improvements required it a step further and produced a totally free application for Android known as SONR that allows you utilize an incorporated wireless remote to manage volume, skip, play and pause.

In my test I made use of an HTC EVO 4G. I downloaded The planet pandora and began playing. Then i blocked within the Universal Speaker Pier after which blocked within the micro USB cable to the foot of the EVO and also the earphone cable in to the earphone jack. Immediately, my EVO started charging and also the seem began streaming with the pier. Next, I downloaded the SONR application, selected The planet pandora because the very good music player, after which could enhance the volume, play and pause, as well as skip to another track, all in the remote. The knowledge was solid and also the only factor I’d change is the fact that I’d add retracting cords, since i have found myself attempting to stuff the cords away allow it a sleek look (begin to see the picture below).


Again, for those who have an apple iphone or ipod device pier, this might not seem just like a huge set of features, but when you possess an Android phone, this really is paradise.

For the Universal Pier, the seem quality is solid and that i could crank it completely track of little distortion.

For those who have an Android phone and also have been dying for the way for doing things like a player inside a pier, have a look in the Universal Speaker Pier for Android. Because of the scarcity of speaker docks for Android, the $100 cost may be worth the knowledge.

UPDATE: Matt also examined the Universal Speaker Pier and shot a relevant video from it for action. In the review also, he examined it by having an apple iphone, Nexus, and HTC Radar, using the apple iphone coming away using the best seem.

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