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PDF SDK for Android

PDFNet Mobile PDF SDK for Android brings the entire energy from the PDFNet library to Android products. Android PDF Library ships with easy to use Java APIs that enables designers to effortlessly integrate PDF viewing, creation, searching, annotation, and editing abilities using their Android applications.

The SDK consists of some JAVA application programming connects (APIs), sample code, comprehensive documentation, and source code (with source code license).
Key options that come with the Android library:

Proven, Robust High-Quality PDF Rendering on Android. Offers enhanced and accurate rendering associated with a PDF document at top speeds. The Mobile SDKs are made while using proven PDFNet PDF library, a good and advanced PDF engine utilized by countless customers in most market industries.
Complete JAVA Bindings. Complete Java connects and prepared-to-use utility controls enable painless and seamless integration into Android applications.
Unrivaled Performance. Offers high-performance, smooth viewing of complex PDF files documents in continuous modes or at high zoom factors (as much as 500x zoom).
Wealthy Graphic Support. Supports all PDF features including JBIG2, JPEG2000, AES, transparency, smooth-shadings, Asian and embedded fonts, etc.
Ready-to-Use Tools for Rapid Development – including support for advanced features for example text selection, full text search links bookmark navigation and manipulation interactive forms various annotation abilities to allow PDF markup (text highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, line, rectangle, ellipse, arrow, sticky note, and free-hands tool mode, etc.).
Highly Easy to customize Android Icons. Includes icons with full source-code access enable fine grained control to every factor of consumer experience.
Full Standards Compliance. Supports all versions from the PDF format, including ISO32000. PDF features for example advanced transparency, smooth-shadings, CJKV fonts, and enormous images that confuse or crash other solutions are handled effortlessly. Furthermore, the library can process and repair many non-compliant or corrupt PDF documents.
Supports all versions of Android v2.2 and greater (including Gingerbread, Honeycomb, etc.).
An Entire PDF Solution for Android.Extensive API supports PDF viewing, page annotation, page and document manipulation, interactive form filling, import and export from various formats, PDF rubber stamping, splitting and merging, text search and highlighting,

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