Android done discard


Done + Discard

Done & Discard actions in to the action bar

There is a visual pattern in certain system applications in which the Up button is replace= d with a Done button, optionally by having an adjacent or overflow’d Discard negat= ive action. Personally, i think this pattern works very well inside the fr= amework of=97and within the spirit of=97the recommendations, and so i made the decision to spread out so= urce some code showing how to get it done. You will find two example designs within the sample project. The very first simply shows= the Done button instead of the Up button at the very top left, having a Discard = action within the overflow. Laser hair removal appears ideal for tasks where years old= u might have not only the positive/negative actions (e.g. Join contact)= , needing more room within the action bar or overflow. Additionally, it appears most ap= propriate for cases when the consumer is not likely to wish to discard changes, = where the default behavior upon pressing BACK would be to save. A genuine-world = illustration of this is actually the People app’s contact-editing screen or even the Clock’s a= larm-editing screen. The 2nd shows both Done and Discard covering the whole action bar. Do= ne is right of Discard to oblige the negative-left-of-positive butto= n layout rule (by ICS). This layout appears ideal to quite simple scr= eens without any alternate actions, or screens where Discard might be a far more comm= on action. One further factor=85 don’t forget that because this is not recorded on devel=, this is not formal design guidance. They are merel= y findings, hence my using words like ‘seems’ throughout this publish := )

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