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Micromax today released a brand new Wise Stick that converts your regular TV into an Android based smartTV. Here’s our first impression.

Micromax, using the launch of Wise Stick dongle, has embarked right into a new segment to improve its users list. Wise Stick dongle is really a small device that converts an regular TV with High-definition multimedia interface port right into a large Android tablet.

Micromax Wise Stick after being blocked right into a TV with High-definition multimedia interface slot converts the regular TV into an Android pills where it uses the TV’s screen as display. Only one needs to connect the dongle to some energy socket because it does not come with an internal battery.

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For a Wise Stick dongle which does not possess a screen of their own or internal battery the cost of Rs 4,990 appears to become a little high, but them that’s the MRP and also the market cost can come lower to some more reasonable level soon.

Dongles which convert regular TV into an Android device really are a recent phenomenon and gamers like Amkette, Razer Bee and Portronics have previously released them as wise TV boxes in India.

However, not one of them released dongles no more than that Micromax Wise Stick despite the fact that this type of stick continues to be obtainable in other marketplaces for yesteryear couple of several weeks individuals India could only purchase them on eBay.

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The fundamental idea behind the launch from the Wise Stick is extremely good because the device allows customers to look at not only TV programs but additionally to surf the internet, play games and anything else that you can do with an Android tablet including installing and taking advantage of all of the applications on the internet Play store on television screens. Here’s our short top notch report from the device.

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