Android doodle jump apk


Doodle Jump apk is a game created by GameHouse for the iPhone interface, now when as I saw appear in the Android Marketplace, I had to download, check it out. Doodle Jump apk is a game where you must to jump using accelerometer (like the attack and the kidnapping of the World Hyper jump !) – The higher, the better the score.

They are strangers in a way, they need to touch the screen to shoot and kill to satisfy, there are blacks holes that your game and power-ups can improve the speed high. The difficulty in Doodle Jump apk comes with mobile platforms, platforms and more foreigners start to disappear.

Doodle Jump Android apk

The first thing in Doodle Jump apk is different from the iPhone version is much easier – iPhone always has a value of 20k is a big challenge, which is less available in Android as 100k. I’m not sure that the motivation behind it – it seems that there are no platforms in the longer version of Android seems to be a strange decision. Another big difference in the version of Android is that it is less power-up version of the iPhone – which has been updated, so that includes the launch, but updates are few and very thin.

Doodle Jump is really interesting game, but the price is good value for money, since it is already better, similar games out there with Abduction! World Hyper jump attacks.

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