Android email app multiple accounts


I’m getting trouble determining how you can view my in-boxes while using email application. My primary email is Gmail, and that i love the gmail application. However, I’ve discovered that unless of course I compose an e-mail whilst in the gmail application, it’ll use my default email account in the regular email application. So since I wish to send my email from my gmail account, i joined my gmail account into both gmail application and also the email application and hang the default account to my gmail address. Now I’m able to send messages with this address not a problem.. However am not able to see my yahoo account now while using email application. I do not see a good way, or in whatever way for your matter to simply switch in one mailbox to a different within the email application. Does anybody understand what this really is about? Shall We Be Held missing something?

I’d the fascinate for a short while and there have been tabs on top of the screen to change between my email options. So when im within the gmail application, basically visit menu there’s a choice there that states “accounts.” Now why does not the e-mail application also provide this? I’m not sure how to proceed here. Anybody understand what I’m speaking about??We have an application already on the telephone known as ‘Messaging’ or something like that to that particular effect. It features a picture of the mailbox onto it. Whenever you tap it, you are presented with your accounts. For instance, I’ve 2 Yahoo! accounts. I’m able to choose the account If only to see and immediately visit out of this application. Hope it was useful…i have been looking throughout for that response to being able to access, multiple email options. I simply happened this already-incorporated application today and thought I’d share.The stock email application may well be a boring searching envelope known as “Texting” or “Mail.” It’s pretty easy to setup POP3 or IMAP accounts by using it. It’ll recognize most major companies like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. However, you may also connect the ingoing and outgoing mail servers and ports too. If for whatever reason you do not look after the stock application, you could attempt K-9 around the application market. It’s free and can function similarly.Anybody know if you’re able to run multiple exchange accounts using the stock mail application without any problems? I wish to run my corp exchange acct as well as setup gmail like a exchange acct. Along individuals same lines anybody be aware of gmail exchange configurations?You could have multiple however i think you are able to only do an IMAP setup for gmail… I might be wrong but I am confident gmail does not come with an exchange emulator. If you’re comfortable with that appear to be up gmail IMAP configurations.

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