Android error inflating class linearlayout


A typical factor you might like to do, whenever you developing an Android application, is to possess a ListView of checkable products. For example, you might like to possess a functionality inside your application to talk about something with a lot of people, who you want to choose from a listing of contacts. For common option for this is by using a CheckedTextView and also the android:choiceMode parameter from the ListView. This extension of the regular TextView includes a check box around the right, to ensure that it may be selected.

However, there’s a limitation here. CheckedTextView needs to function as the root component of design that you employ for the products. Therefore if you want to show multiple things (user title and email) for every item using a LinearLayout, you’re at a complete loss. The reason behind this limitation is the fact that he root item must implement the Checkable interface and also the LinearLayout does not carry it out.

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