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Telstra have two Android (Honeycomb) tablets on offer, the Motorola Xoom and the Acer Iconia Tab Pro, which are both great tablets for everyday use.Both Android tablets do more than just Productivity apps, but this was definitely one of my highlights from testing out the new Iconia Tab Pro. Another thing that stood out to me is the speed on the web and accessing your cloud services.With Christmas just around the corner, some of you may have been considering buying a new tablet, but the big question is – ‘will a tablet just be a distraction or could it help you to be more productive?’Well this depends, have you checked out my 6 favourite Productivity Apps?:Recent times have seen the line between phone and personal computer blur to the point where it’s hard to tell the difference. The phone in your pocket can be an incredible tool to boost your productivity, enabling you to keep track of time, assess priorities, work on the go, and stay in touch with family and business clients.An Android phone deals with the needs of busy people with a host of great business tools. It’s a great platform with a rich and varied app ecosystem that has rapidly grown to rival that of Apple’s iPhone. Business and productivity software is an area that’s is particularly well furnished, with a vast range of slick and efficient applications that can boost your productivity. Put one of these phones in your pocket, load it up with the relevant software and within a month returning to your former life will be unimaginable. Many productivity applications are generic, and are useful for any activity from parenting, running a small business, charity work or education.
There are also many apps that are targeted at a specific activity, resulting in software that understands your business. Whatever area you specialise in we guarantee that you can find software that will help you go about your daily activities.

1. Lemon – Receipts Refreshed.

This app is a fantastic idea for keeping all your receipts organised in one place, you can create a lemon email address for all your email receipts to be sent to and take photos of your paper receipts. The app is intuitive letting you tag your receipts, which helps track your spending habits and makes it easier for file management.

2. Do It (Tomorrow)
I wasn’t sure to take this app seriously while browsing through the Android Market, after all their tagline is “the todo app for procrastinators”. Funnily enough the tagline rings true but also has proven to be a great little tool. The novelty of this app is always having two days open – “today and tomorrow”. You can fill out your to-do list for both days and easily push off a task for tomorrow by pressing the arrow next to your to-do list item.

3. SanDisk Memory Zone

Sandisk Memory Zone is one of the easiest ways I have found to manage your files. This is not just your files living on your Android Tablet but also files in the cloud (Dropbox, Picasa, Google Docs etc). Most of all I found this app user friendly with one touch access to backup and restore my files.

4. Thinking Space
This is extremely useful for those moments when you just need to ‘write all your thoughts down’ and can’t find a whiteboard to do so! Thinking space on your tablet means you can create a mind map for personal planning, business meetings or whatever you need.

5. Google Docs

Google Docs has just been recently updated for Honeycomb tablets which means you can view them on any of your Android devices easily. Google Docs really came in handy when doing a team project, collaboration is easy and you can share docs with your Google contacts.

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