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Eye-Fi, maker of SD memory cards that bring Wi-Fi to non-connected products, is trying to create a more effective photo storage and discussing app.

Within an interview with AllThingsD following last week’s CE Week program, Eye-Fi Boss Yuval Koren stated the new app could be &ldquoplatform-agnostic,&rdquo growing past the products it presently supports.

The organization is striving to organize the app for that other half of the season, although it rejected to discuss exactly once the app would launch.

Eye-Fi already includes a software app for desktop computers and mobile applications for iOS and Android. This past year, the Sdcard maker introduced Eye-Fi Direct, for simpler photo transfers, via Wi-Fi, across products.

Eye-Fi also works together with several photo storage and discussing sites, including Flickr, Picasa, Snapfish, Shutterfly, SmugMug and much more, for it to be interesting to determine whether Eye-Fi’s new offering improves that discussing or even more directly competes with individuals Internet sites.

The plans for that new app arrive as Eye-Fi anxiously awaits final word in the SD Association &mdash which signifies greater than a 1000 firms that set industry standards &mdash around the approval of some new Sdcard standards that may negatively impact Eye-Fi. Eye-Fi has stated this new group of suggested standards violates the business’s ip.

The SD Association’s IP review process was set in conclusion captured, but Kevin Schader, the SD Association’s director of communications, states the business continues to be ongoing the review, despite Koren’s statements the review continues to be completed.

Meanwhile, Eye-Fi has compensated being a professional person in the SDA, to be able to gain some voting privileges within the ratification process.

So that as we reported earlier: The flap is originating at any given time when customers are progressively utilizing their mobile phones for photo-taking and discussing &mdash and much more electronics makers are presenting cameras which have Wi-Fi abilities, cloud services and applications for discussing built into the cameras.

Koren states Eye-Fi’s greatest concern is not your camera makers adding Wi-Fi abilities to products it’s the opportunity of other memory makers to imitate their technology without certification it.

Eye-Fi presently licenses its tech to SanDisk, the earth’s biggest provider of expensive memory. There is however certainly room for other electronics makers to obtain the overall game. By creating new software, Eye-Fi wishes to set itself aside from your competition.

Koren envisions a cloud-based app that updates consumers’ photos across all products because the photos are now being moved or edited.

Also, he wants photo discussing to become file-format free. For instance, the app would recognize and display the file type that’s optimal for whichever device the customer is applying. It could show a higher-res photo on the new Retina display iPad, but a more compact, low-res file on the less effective device.

&ldquoPhotos aren’t a ‘jpeg file’ &mdash they are photos,&rdquo Koren stated. &ldquoI do not want customers to need to communicate with files, I would like these to leverage the abilities from the products.&rdquo

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