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Probably the most helpful social features on Android mobile phone models is the opportunity to sync your Facebook buddies together with your device contacts, so that they all appear in one location. Nexus S customers possess a shock available once they download this week’s Android 2.3.3 software update though: it hinders the feature.

This means you’ll only have the ability to call at your Facebook chums inside the Facebook Android application itself, although not within the device’s separate contacts list. Inside a statement spotted by TechCrunch, Google describes this as “a little change”.

“For Nexus S customers who downloaded the Facebook application from Android Market, Facebook contacts will no more seem to be integrated using the Android Contacts application. Since Facebook contacts can’t be released in the device, the look of integration produced an incorrect feeling of data portability.”

Engadget describes Google hasn’t designed a new rule here: it’s basically stopped exempting Facebook from the existing rules how applications are designed for contacts within the Android OS. Presently, other applications need to use the Android contacts API, but Facebook was permitted to help keep its data separate.

“We’re getting rid of the special-situation handling of Facebook contacts on Nexus S and future lead products,” continues Google’s statement. That reference to ‘future lead devices’ is essential — it appears as if customers of existing Android mobile phone models like the Google Android Nexus One will still have the ability to make use of the feature (as proven on the Google Android Nexus One within the picture above).

“We still think that reciprocity (the expectation when information could be imported right into a service it ought to have the ability to be released) is a vital step toward creating an enormous amount of true data liberation — and encourage other websites and application designers to permit customers to export their contacts too.Inch

Problems with privacy and knowledge portability are undeniably important — and can become much more later on. Current Android customers, however, could be peeved at removing a helpful feature due to a quarrel between Google and Facebook.

What is your opinion? Is Google to get this to stand, and could it be a large problem for Nexus S customers? Tell us your ideas inside a comment.

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