Android fastboot waiting for device


I was trying to root my brother’s phone but got stuck on a waiting for device message during the fastboot command. Turns out htc sync isn’t recognizing my phone as when I plug it in to the computer the usb port comes up with unknown device and it won’t sync. Kinda stumped as to how to proceed and fix this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

This is a stock phone I believe with the ice cream ota update. It was unlocked and locked in the past though.

This should certainly have been posted in the rooting section. HTC Sync should be turned off(or even better, removed) when trying to use fastboot.

Well at first I didn’t have sync installed and after entering the fastboot command I got the waiting for device prompt where it just sat there. I then was reading on and got the (mistaken I guess) impression that I needed that htc sync installed. So I can uninstall that but I guess I’m still stuck then where it sits at the waiting for device line.

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